2007-11-03, 2:05 p.m.

Hey! :DD so sorry I forgot to post yesterday. I wanted to, but then I forgot. xD sorry!

Elisa wrote in her blog that someone made her day yesterday. Well, then I'll also write in mine that someone really made my night. She was really wonderful; I think it was the best conversation we ever had. Just thinking of it feels so sweet. She said she loved to be with me; somehow I make her happy very easily, I don't know why. But I do know that I make her cry very easily too. So sorry about that. =/

Actually, Elisa's a very easy person to get along with. You can be a very quiet person and still be with her, cus she'll do most of the talking anyway. LOL. Ohwell, haha. There was so many things I wanted to say, but I forgot what. I just know that Elisa's really awesome. (: I wanna thank God for letting me know her in the 5mil people that I could have known. ^^

Had a conversation with tianyong yesterday. He changed drastically, really enough to give me a terrific shock. I nearly couldn't bring myself to talk to the brand new tianyong, but I did anyway. Haha. He was okay when it was 12 plus 1, so we talked all the way until 2. In msn, of course, in case some people think otherwise. Talked about the usual stuff. Haha. He ended the conversation with "what's up with stnicks girls. they're like the best girls." That of course, doesn't apply to me only. Haha. You know who you are. :DD
He said I was a great girl. Sigh. If only I really was one. I don't think I am though. I'm really a sad ass liar, and that sucks totally. Sighs. Lol.

OHOH. AND. Yesterday, went to see the p6 grad concert, so I stood at the first door nearest to the stage facing the carpark and I received a phone call from ashley. Her background music was exactly the same as what I was hearing, so I suspected she was near me. And the first thing she said was "I see you~" Then I looked around, && I noticed both her and gracia waving madly. LOL. And I didn't notice it at all. Then I noticed vannie behind them. So she was there too! Haha! Yesterday was such fun! Cus the parents danced too. Umbrella. LOL. Then the finale was WOW, the p6s had light sticks. So unfair. )" okay anyway. Oh, then they had a net of balloons on top too! So when the finale was over, then only had to pull the string and the balloons will float around. SO COOL. Then whole time Ashley was like "Eh, I want the balloons!" So we said "THEN YOU GO AND GET LA." then she said "Ee, don't want so paiseh." LOL. Then after that, one balloon landed in front of us, around 3m away. Ashley looked left, looked right, then made a grab for it. LOL. That was so freakin lame. Hahaha. Anyway, I certainly had fun last night. :DD Both in school && at home.

I really want the 16th nov to arrive sooner! So that I can go to school && see all my beloved friends again. (:

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