2007-11-09, 6:03 p.m.


Went to watch the netballers train again today! Finally. FINALLY that ass of an elisa saw me. LOL. Went with mok, cus she went to see her qingqing. LOL. Qingqing's shooting is zai man. Her success rate is like 99.5%. Woooh~ didn't manage to take a photo of selina! >< IT'S OKAY. I'll get someone to send me the photos of netballers, then I'll just zoom in and show my sis. WAHAHA.

Today's puppetry wasn't too bad I guess. BUT OMGOSH. I saw benjamin's gstring! LOL. YUCKS. Shu and I were just talking about yesterday && now he wears it. GAWDDDDDD. And I saw it! Wtf. =.= so sexaye~ OHWELL, NOT ON HIM. YUCKS. It was black, so it was really hot, but it just doesn't YOU KNOW, suit him or something. YUcks. He should wear briefs. It'll look much better. Haha!

Then we had the rehearsal, and ohmygawd. The narrator also has to act. As in animate it, like wtf. -.- so totally different from what I was doing previously, AND I ENJOYED WHAT I DID PREVIOUSLY. -.- gawd. Now I wish I've never joined ld; such a chore. T.T

Then went to watch the netballers train. LOL. I've been doing that for 8 weeks alr. Ohwell. Hahaha. Seeing them train is fun! Seeing no one noticing me is fun too. -.- kayy that was lame. =.= netball is really fun. >< now I WISHED I had joined netball. Sadddd. ><

Elisa borrowed a WHISPER blindfold from me. LOL. I didn't even know it was whisper. I just know that I saw it just a few days ago. Lolol~ She's going overseas, and I just hope she won't get into any accidents. =/ that girl's so worrying. RAH. And I don't even know why I worry so much about her when I already have so much on my hands la. HAIYO. May God bless her and let her have a wonderful time. Please watch over her and see that she is always safe.


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