2007-11-13, 11:27 p.m.

YAY. Here are the happenings for today!

I woke up at 11.55am. Okay fine, that was early, I know. Then.. slackslackslack until 12 plus 1, then had lunch. Then lost track of time etc, and it as 2.30. So I did a little of my work, then signed on to comp, then time passed so fast it was soon 3.15. So we got ready and stuff, and cabbed to Mount E.
Reached there, went to kao-gong's clinic, got the referal letter, talked to him for a little while, then zaoed. Made our way to paragon, REACHED THERE AT 4.15, and waited for one bloody hour, so we went in at 5.15. In between, we read newspapers, book, I plugged in my shuffle and started reading. Then around 4.45, my sis came. LOLOL. Random. Anywayyy. So she came, then we went to makan. Err. At the clinic. LIke drink their coffee, eat their biscuits etc. Hahaha. Yeah then I was supposed to go in. SO.
Went in, he looklook. Then go have x-ray. THEN WTH LA, had to wear this made of LED coat. I think it weighed at least a kg. =.= I didn't even have to wear that at SGH when I took the x-ray. SO wore, and took . SO FINE . Went out. Then they were looking at the pic . Then he said go into the room to look at it so that we could sit. So we went in and looked && he explained, explained, explained. AND FINALLY SAID I SHOULD GO THROUGH WITH THE OP ON THE COMING MONDAY. =.= ohwell . At least I get to do it. So next monday, I'm still going to get operated on my mouth, teeth whatever . Then blahblahblah. So we left.

THEN WE WENT FOR DINNER. LOL. At fish and co. HAHA. With dad && sis. I think that was like the 2nd time we had a meal together in 6 months. HAHHA. So it was fun! (: I ate coriander (forgot how to spell. xD) fish and it was. HORRIBLE. I'm never eating it again. Okay la, I could accept the taste, but it wasn't to my liking. HAHA. So yeah.

THen we walked.. we walked to .. I can't remember. =.= it's where the sony ericsson service centre is anyway. Then there's a sports link there. If I didn't remember wrongly. Otherwise it's some other sports shop . Anyway. Had fun with phones at Sony opposite the sports shop since it was on flight mode. Wahahaha. Then blahblahblah. Went to the toilet with sis. OKAY THAT WAS REDUNDANT. THEN ..
OH. Dad bought yoga mat! LOL. Finally! Now I can do yoga on it !! (: pretty excited. But anyway, I don't really need that since I do my yoga at home. I can just take a mattress and start doing. He can't; he's bringing it to the office. Hahaha.

Then after that. Got Amos' cookies! Lalala~ I love Amos' cookies. They're like the best cookies. LALALA. :DD

Then we waited to cab home. We waited . And waited . && waited . AND THE FREAKIN CAB STILL DIDN'T COME AFTER ONE HOUR. So we booked. Bloody hell; the booking fee was 4 bucks since it was peak hour. So the cab ride ended up being 11 when it was supposed to be 7 . =.= what a waste of money! BUT. HAHA. We're gonna get this cabby into trouble tmr! :DD dad noticed him putting status as 'On call' after alighting one passenger immediately and soon after, he appeared again. HAHAHA. SH 8260 X . LALALA. 4 bucks man. Who wouldn't want it. No wonder they all resort to putting 'On call'. YOu earn so much more. -.-

So I'm at home now, posting this! (: visiting the orthodontist tmr, if that's how you spell it. Seeing the guy that inserts braces for me la. At 9.30. Then going skating after that!! WHEEEEE. ^^ now I'm excited! With sis, duh. LOL. Cheryl && Marie's going too! I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THAT FREAKIN YVETTE LA. I wasted so many smses on her, informing her the day and date etc, AND NOW SHE TELLS ME MAYBE SHE'S NOT GOING. SERIOUSLY, I'M PISSED NOW. She said what, OH cus' I spent so much money today blahblahblah on movies blahblahblah, so I can't go tmr. OH WHATEVER. Then you don't go lor! It just shows that you're not that interested in coming with us. And if she really wanted to come, she'd controlled her spending, so that she can go tmr. Ohwell. Cheryl was a bit annoyed with her also, I think. Could tell by her tone of smses. Lol.

Okay, I'm done with this post! (:


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