2007-11-14, 9:46 p.m.


Went to the doc at 9+. We were late, && the appointment was at 9.30, so we reached there at around a quarter to 9? And then, the orthodontist talked to my dad and I about the surgery, && he said it was recommended too. So we're going through with the op on this coming monday. (: he said I was a positive thinker, so I only have to go through LA. YAY.! (: hate the idea of being put to sleep while they're doing it. I'm kinda curious && interested how they're doing it. LOLOL.

Yeah, then after that we headed to jurong east. Reached at about 11+. Then I just happened to meet yorklyn, yuting, charmaine && xinling. LOL. So coincidental. So we skated. Yvette they all reached at around 2+. Then there was this bunch of guys who were on hockey skates, and duh you soon found my sis flirting with them, as what all my friends there call it. Yorklyn was like why is your sis flirting with them. -.- anyway. They said I was damn noisy when they just 'sprayed' some ice on me. Like kaobeikaobu. WHATEVERRR LA. It wasn't meant to be like that, but too bad if they think that way la. I didn't realise that I was being noisy ?? I just like.. dono la. I mean, that's how I'll behave in front of my friends if they do it. I didn't think that they'd think that way. At most, I'll change how I behave in front of othersss la. FAGGG.

Ohwell. Then after that. I EARNED MYSELF ANOTHER ABRASION, and this time it's worse. Bloody hell. =.= so painful can. So I skated for around 5h, && I stopped. Otherwise, I'd have continued skating lorrr. =/
So we went arcade- yorklyn, marie, yvette, cheryl && me. Then we played DDR THERE. WTF LA. I SWEATED LIKE SO MUCH. -.- SWEAT LIKE MAD. Cus' I played most of the games, then it was all level 3 and above, so a bit fast. Then I really sweat until I felt so disgusting. -.-
Then went to eat kfc after that. Shrooms burger and mountain dew. LALALA. Forgot all about mashed potato. =/ but it's alright. HAHA. I was just freakin thirsty, so mountain dew was good enough. :DD

Walked to jurong east mrt after dinner. Marie went on green line && we went on red. So we said byebye & see you tmr etc, got on, AND SAT ON THE FLOOR. LOL. So paiseh la. I think it's been 3 years since I did that. Sat with athena && my sis the other time on the mrt too. LOLOL. So we took photos! :DD as a momento etc. Yvette, cheryl, yorklyn && me. Then found seats at dono which stop, so we sat. Yorklyn had to leave at yck, so she left first . Then cheryl && I left at amk, which was a stop later, so we zaoed, leaving yvette alone for 2MINS. LOL. Okay so, cheryl and I went to hub to take bus, then blahblahblah. Walked and reached home, with that annoying abrasion on my back-ankle. And now finished bathing etc. :DD

Looking forward to sec4 grad tmr! (: HOPE WE DO A GREAT JOB! :DD skating rocked today. <33

Sis's && dad's bday coming.. still thinking about whatta get them.. xDD but I need to save!! RAH. =/

Takecare. (:

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