2008-02-02, 1:03 p.m.

Heyya. :D

Athena, Sheryl, Jiaen & I went to send Nicole off at Terminal3 today. The 3 of us (w/out Jiaen) reached at around 6, cus we set off from Athena's block at around 5.40am. THEN THE STUPID JIAEN AR. She told us to come early but she came at 6.30 cus after answering our smses, she went back to sleep. SO ASSHOLE. HAHA :D

So we had breakfast at macs together. xD went to look for Nicole after that. But before that we were camwhoring like mad. By the time we took cab to come to Ashley's house, we took 51 pics alr.
So we entertained ourselves by doing that & met Nicole at Row4. Ohboy, she didn't look sad. =.=" she looked perfectly normal, as if today was another usual day. Gifts were preseted, hugs were exchanged, photos were taken & conversations were held. Then you know, she hugged Jiaen, Athena & Sheryl, BUT DIDN'T HUG ME?! THEN SHE DIDN'T TAKE PHOTO WITH ME ALSO. =/ at first Jiaen thought she'd cry, but after seeing her mood today, she also didn't have the mood to cry alr, cus Nicole really seemed NOT UPSET to leave. Hahaha :D
Well then, she went in. Then kept on waving to her friends outside. Her entire class came I think, including that stupid ShinYing. She's disgusting, revolting, and annoying. Haha :D

Then cabbed to Jiaen's house after that. Reached at around 9. THEN WE PLAYED & CAMWHORED LIKE MAD. LOL! Fighting over the bed space and everything. Then Athena had to leave at 11+, but she's coming back later. xD Jiaen & Sheryl's sleeping now, so I'm taking the chance to post about today. (:

I'm quite sure I'd wanna sleep when I get home later, but I think I'd have to mug first. =/

Cheers, guys!

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