2008-02-04, 8:38 p.m.

Oolala~ now to post. :D

Went to send Nicoleyau off. ): I'll miss her too. After sending her off, Sheryl, Athena & I went to Jiaen's house. HER HOUSE IS NICE CAN. HAHA :D I think her house is cool. (: Athena had to go at around 11+ for tuition at her church, but she came back after that at around 1+. Then while she was gone, the 3 of us were damn sian, so everyone started to sleep. Hahaha. I slept for like half an hour to 1h, then I woke up and started using Ashley's comp. :D I like her keyboard. Hehehe.
Well then.. KIKI SHRANK. :D
Went home after that; shared cabfare with Athena and Sheryl, but I don't think they'll remember. I't s 6.60 per person cus it went up to 19.70. EX. ): and I had to ask my papa to come down and pay. Dots man. =/ he didn't give me my allowance for that week, so I kinda ran outta money. =/
After that, less than half an hour, I went out with papa & jiejie again, to orchard to have JAP FOOD! :D It's called IchibanBoshi. IT'S DAMN GOOD I TELL YOU. You should go there and eat sometime. (:
Shopped shopped after that. I SAW A PAIR OF HEELS THAT I LIKED, got my size, but no new pair. =/ it was the only display piece. SAD. ): so going out tmr to try and get a new pair of heels! Otherwise, I'd have to wear the old one for cny. >< anyway!

Nothing much. Stayed home the entire day, cus really no mood to go out. =/ msning the entire day, basically. Conferenced msn with Juan&Sherylynn at around 7, and it was cuteeeeee. :D they made a bet and Juan lost, cus I said Sherylynn's mum was cute. xD so Juan owes Sherylynn:
1 watermelon, 1 strand of hair, 1 homework, 1 peanut & 50cents. =P

SCHOOL WAS AWESOME TODAY! But was feeling damn tired as usual. >< Sherylynn came back! YAY! Her forehead was still a little bumpy. HEhe. (: cute! :D:D <3
Lessons were alright. I kinda got what mrs tan was saying during maths.. Chinese was slack. HAHA. Had fire drill. :D mag had fever & everything, so yeah.
During cme, we were talking about what if your mum asked you to stay at home today and you promised her, but in the middle of the day, your friend asked you to go out with her, what'd you do? Then some said yes, some said no. MissLin said the whole class'd tempted to go out, only Valerie won't. THEN XIUMIN WENT TO SAY "I don't dare to go out; later get raped." EVERYONE WAS LIKE, HUH WTF? WHO'D WANNA RAPE XIUMIN?! THAT PERSON IS EITHER BLIND OR HIS EYES GROW BENEATH HIS FEET! Gosh! She thinks too highly of herself, seriously. Grr; gross. I hope I have appetite to eat later~~
I haven't bathed yet, cus of my stupid mum. I'm waiting for dinner, then mug. Then if I feel sleepy, I'll go and bathe. Save one coffee pack. :D I think I'm a great planner. And I think I kind of made Elisa angry. =/ cus I keep sleeping late. Sorry, honey. ): your concern is really appreciated, really. (:

And congrats to c'div for thrashing sengkang today! (: JIAYOU! :D THRASH THE FOLLOWING SCHOOLS THAT YOU MEET! CHAMPSS! :D:D

& that's all for today.

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