2008-02-15, 7:12 p.m.


I couldn't wait for school to end today la. It was like, so draggy. =/ We had art (stupid; I'll elaborate later), PE (fun, as usual), Recess (Damn funny; I'll elaborate too), XiangSheng (awesome), C-lit (which wasn't as boring, surprisingly), & Lit. Hahaha. (: Okay, now to say what happened.

Stupid MissLin gave the art pieces back and she chose to pick those non-well-done pieces to show the entire class. I know she may have been trying to tell the class not to do that next time, but I don't think she had to do that. I mean, just tell them what they don't have to do; why show them those pieces that were not well-done and let the class laugh at them? I think it's crap. Seriously.
SO. I don't know if I should be honoured, but I was the first. WOW. Yeah, fabulous. Mine was black background with a crescent and I got 11. One mark deducted for late work, so 10/20. I don't understand, why does she have to show the class the shitty ones? Can't she just show the class those that were well-done like Juan's? (She got the highest in the whole level.) I think that makes more sense, cus at least you're telling the class what to take note of. [In a kinder manner.] I seriously hate teachers who embarrass the kids in class; they're all assholes.

We were commerating TotalDefence's day today, so they were conducting food rationing, which meant that we weren't allowed any food from 7.25 - 2 and we were given loaves of bread for recess. Recess was still 1h today, so we started crapping at the specs stand. You see, during PE, one mosquito buzzed around and landed on Xiumin's boob finally. Most unfortunately, it caught Juan's eye and she told me about it. So I told her you should have just "PA" on it and told her "Hey there was a mosquito. I was doing you a favour." Hahaha! (: so we started doing that during recess; touching each other's boobs and saying that HEY IT'S A MOSQUITO. Hahaha. :D damn lame. And funny! Omgawd, I think I really love the lyns,, Cheok, Girl, Elisa & Sherylynn! They just rock. :D

Okay, after school:
They ALL came to my house. At least, Sherylynn & Girl came to my house first, and the rest came later. AND THEN, when we were going to leave, I REALISED THAT I COULDN'T FIND MY PHONE. =/ DAMN SHIT LA. I WAS SO WORRIED. CUS MUM'D KILL ME, FOR SURE. SO I HUNTED EVERYWHERE AND USED THE PHONE TO CALL. But we couldn't find it. Then girl was like, do you think it's still in school? Like, you might have dropped it or it could have slided off your file cus you left it on your file while you were walking. SO I WAS LIKE, SHIT! THEN I RAN BACK TO SCHOOL TO LOOK. THANK GOD I LIVE SO NEAR. :D GIRL CAME WITH ME, CUS THE REST WERE ALR AT MY HOUSE, so Sherylynn, Ner, Juan & Sherms stayed at my house. Then at the lift, I said "Eh, help me call my phone." then she asked for what, and she got it the moment she asked. Hahaha. So we called, and a Mr.Ricky (if I didn't remember wrongly) picked up the phone. Then she was like "Er, did you pick up this phone?" Then blahblahblah, and we were instructed to go to the general's office to collect it. THANK GOD! (: I was seriously so worried. Apparently a cleaning auntie had picked it up for me and didn't keep it as her own. Wanted to know who was it so that I could thank her, but Time wasn't giving me the chance to do that, so we had to run back home and run back out to the bus stop. Hahaha. (:
And when we were walking to the busstop, met the SJs and saw our CHEOK as well. :D SHE WAS SO JEALOUS! Hahaha! :D then reached the busstop, stupid Ner said that there was an Exco meeting and she had to be present, otherwise the president would kill her. Grr, so she had to leave and we went there. MET LAOSHI AT THE BUSSTOP TOO. (: & SHE'S PREGNANT! SO DANGEROUS! HAHA, RANDOMS. :D

So Girl and I walked to Jubilee and semi-ran up to the arcade. WOOT. Was quite empty at first, then the moment we went in, people started flooding in. Hahaha. Maybe we just pull in business.xD
So we went onto ddr, & OMG. I "deproved" like mad. GAH. I can't even settle 4-star songs! Looks like I must frequent that place with Yorklyn again. SHE'S MY BEST DDR PARTNER SO FAR. :D EVEN SAPPH CAN'T HOLD A CANDLE TO HER. HAHAHA.
Played the arcade till around 4, then Ner came! HEhehe. :D:D so we made our way to hub! (:
Then, OMG, SO JEALOUS! THEY WERE WATCHING KUNGFU DUNK. CRAP LA! OHMAN. But it's alright. I'll find people to go with to watch. I KNOW IT. Haha. :D
Could watch P.S. I love you with my dearest LDclique. <3
KungfuDunk can watch with Sapph or something. - still not sure.
I think those are the 2 that I wanna watch. Not that interested in Cj07 and AhLongPteLtd.
So after the movie, we had sushi. :D nicenice. Then we went to hunt for Neoprints (for shermsy). (: There was one in the arcade, BUT NER AND SHERYLYNN WERE WEARING SCHOOL U! So they couldn't go in; the consequences would be disastrous if they caught them, so we went to OP to buy 2 tops. (Buyonegetonefree). After buying that, Sherylynn looked kinda annoyed. =/
So we went up again, and took the neoprints and they decorated it. Girl & I didn't touch the decorating at all. Hehehe. But we were happy with what came out; good job guys! (:
Everyone had to rush home after that, so girl & Sherylynn went home first. Sherms, Juan's and Ner stuff were in my house, so they followed our car home. Then maid brought down everything alr, so they could go home straight. It was 15 to 7, so I hope they didn't get scolded. =/

Smsed Sherylynn to apologise to her. =/ I mean, if she's pissed or anything. But she keeps insisting that she's not, so I can't do anything about it either. Hahaha (:
And too bad Elisa couldn't come with us today; she had trng. :D another time, perhaps! (:


I know this's a rather long post, so I'm ending it here. xD

Happy V'day everyone! (: REMEMBER TO WATCH P.S. I LOVE YOU!

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