2008-02-27, 7:06 p.m.

Haven't blogged for.. DAYS. Haha [:

I went to school around recess today. Didn't feel like going to school today. No idea why. But I was half-sick, so it's like 50-50. But I could actually go to school, just didn't feel like it. Feel guilty. :D

Dr William Tan came to our school to give a talk today. Damn inspirational. And quite funny at certain parts. [: really admire his spirit & passion for beliving in what he really wants. Wish I could do that.. takes a great deal of effort though.

Sherms and I thought of this brilliant idea just now. xD & Juan agrees with us! It's this lyns thing (but Ner doesn't seem to be very enthusiastic about it..) that we thought of. We're gonna bury something that belongs to each one of us, and then write notes to one another (12 notes). We're gonna dig it up when we're all 20, & see what we've written 6 years ago. Can't wait to compare my handwriting with 6 years' from now. :D

Juan said we all need to destress before the march hols- agreed. Stress's building up, & we don't get a chance to let them out. Crap.

Again, so many friends to catch up with, so many friends to meet, so many notes to take, so many words to say. If a picture says a thousand words, we'll need at least 10 cartons of them.

Many many thanks to Tams's mum for getting us the balls at $7 for 50. My mum's getting the sticks, so everything's in order. Yay [: finally something done.

OH, & CHEOK FELL TODAY! LOLLL. Damn lame la. And it was damn funny. I was laughing silently, BUT JUAN WASN'T STANDING ON CEREMONY. She was laughing continuosly for at lest 10-15 minutes. Damn funny. [: finally something that can touch my LaughNerve. [:

The days are passing so quickly, with work, disputes, laughter, boredom, and last but not least, love. I think that's what has been pulling me through the days. A word, filled with warmth, called Love. Coming selflessly from all my besties, I don't seem to be returning them the favour though. Wonder if it's the pre-stress thing.. but I feel really bad.

Daddy came back today. [: but I feel the stress atmosphere in the house when he's at home.. it makes me feel as though I don't want to come home.

Maths test on friday. [: wanna scrape through it with better marks than before. :D

Just a quick note : We should always put the unhappy or unpleasant stuff behind us, but not actually forget them. If we do, we'll never get used to the pain inflicted onto one's self by others. That feeling, sucks.

Always hoping for a better day, tomorrow.

& I want my Papa & Mama to live happily ever after, just like how the fairytales end. I want my story, to be a fairytale. [:

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