2008-03-06, 8:04 p.m.

Today was, I guess, a great day compared to the rest of the days this week, cus that awful physics test was finally over. Hooray [:

I don't think I did well for it actually. I filled in stupid stuff for the drawings of diagrams, so I'm counting on my theory to get me through. =/ but surprisingly, I didn't feel sad after the paper. I was just really relieved that the awful paper was FINALLY over and that I could stop mugging for it. I was astonished as well. Lol.
But I guess it's because I know I really did my best for that paper. I studied from Sunday all the way to Wednesday night and I faced the paper on Thursday. I think the process was exhausting, but nevertheless, it was all for the sake of Today & I managed it. I know I did my best, so why should I care?

Had Milestone Leadership Trng today. I think it was really stupid, except for one or two parts. xD 4 coaches, Yvonne, Niki, Sophie & Arnold. Sherylynn & I agreed that that Arnold person looked abit autistic. :D weidd.
Coach Niki was uber damn funny. She's indian, and I kept on shooting her weird glances like, omg you're cool man (with raised eyebrows). Then she'll shoot me back with the same look. OMG, damn funny. [:
The person talking throughout the entire trng was Yvonne, and everyone was getting bored after a while. But she told us this Snicker Bar Story to conclude (real), so I'll just post a short one here.

There was a couple who lived in Texas, America & their son lived in California, America. One day they received a phone call, informing them that their son was very ill, and might not live past the next 2 days. The parents couldn't even afford the telephone call, not to mention a bus ticket to California. So the dad made his way to the petrol kiosk to borrow the phone to call California. Just then, someone came out from the petrol kisok and said "HEY! Aren't you UncleBill?" the dad turned around and went "Yeah, and you are?" He said "I used to play with your son when we were in elementary school! I always went to your house for sleepovers as well! & I remembered you always gave me snicker bars to munch on. I heard that he's ill now, how is he currently?" etc. So the dad tried to end the conversation swiftly, and made his way to the phone. He then told the person at the counter "I might not be able to pay for this telephone call for a very long time." & the guy said "No problem, sir. The guy gave me 20 bucks just now for the call, and he said to give you the change. And here's a letter from him." & UncleBill read the letter. It read:

Dear Uncle Bill,
Here's a cheque for you to fill in any amount you need for the bus ticket to go and visit your son in California. Please be in time to visit him with your wife. Ohyes, remember to bring him a bar of snickers chocolate as well!
Signs off, *friend*"

Moral of the story: You never know what something small can lead to in future. A small bar of snickers or nodding your head for a sleepover can make people feel so grateful, they remember it even after they're grown up. It just shows how something small can make such a huge difference. Mind you, if it wasn't for that cheque, Bill wouldn't have made it to California to see his son. [: & you don't know when the favour will be returned.
Yep, :D

Was les-sing with Sherylynn throughout the entire trng. LOL. She's so funny man. & she's so freakin random. LOL.

I merlioned on Sherms, Girl, Ner, Juan & Cheok today I think. Don't know if Cheok got it, but I merlioned on the rest of them. OMG, I'm so damn sorry. Seriously. Cus stupid Juan went to stand up and touch her butt saying "OMG it's wet. Did I stain it?" Then it wasn't that funny at first. After that forgot what happened, something Ner did was uber funnny, & I was facing Sherms & Girl [we were at the specs stand, so they were one bench below me] & I was so amused, I just merlioned. LOL. Even my notes kenna. =/ so sian. Then Ner went "THANKS AR YIHUI, I'M THE BIGGEST VICTIM HERE." cus she was next to me. LOL, & I merlioned at like, 45 degrees clockwise facing her. So it kinda went onto Sherms, Ner & Girl. I'm so so so sorry. =/
By the way ; For your info, it was vitasoy that I merlioned, not water.
Oh, & Juan sat on VOMIT, that's why her pinafore was wet. OMG, damn dumb la. How can someone sit on vomit & not know. So her pinafore was stained with semi-liquid vomit. Gross. Hahaha [: but funny at the same time. xD

OMG, & my dearest Elisa, please cheer up. I have absolutely no idea what to say to you when you're feeling down, so I shall leave that to Ashley & Jireh. But I guess the least I could do is to pray that you'll stay happy. [:

A happy ending to a happy day! YAY! :D

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