2008-03-07, 7:01 p.m.

I'm blogging again.. Looks like I really have too much free time? Lol.

Last day of school was pretty slack today, but no complaints. xD Sherms went home during recess cus she was running a fever. Then after school, Juan didn't wanna go play bad anymore. ]: so Ner & I went with Cheok&Elisa. I THOUGHT IT WAS DAMN WEIRD. Seriously. Okay, to begin with, I didn't expect Elisa to really turn up. 0.o kinda shocked, but anyways.
Cheok was noob! LOL. That loser. :D:D no offence. [: having lots of fun, but didn't have that Lyns' fun somehow. Ner & I felt that it was very sian after an hour or so, cus Sherms & Juan weren't there. =/
Ner told me in tauhuay shop: If you weren't that sacarstic, I think you'd be a great person, cus your character's in great shape.
Come to think of it, might it be Sapph's fault that I'm actually like that now? She used to tease me since young, and maybe because I'm immune to her teasing, I don't realise how others may take offence when I do the same to them. What a pity.. I'll try to change though. [:

Going to LongBeach for dinner later. :D wanna go to the sea. xD it'll be night by the time I'm out there. [: love the sound of the waves crashing up onto shore; works as a palliative for me. [:

Home Ec test was yucky today. =/ so many things required you to remember and I didn't even refer to my textbook for notes yday at all cus I was busy chionging out art. =/ stupid misslin, she told me to redo it. AGAIN. Ugh. ]:

Okay this is shit; I have to go to the service centre soon cus Sapph concluded that the vibration button ain't working, silent OR non-silent. Annoying things =/
But other than that, I just LOVE THE PHONE! :D

& Sherylynn moodswing until very scary today man. =/ so scared of her. I accidentally caused her lunchbox to have a small accident, & she black-face for the entire day. =/ during PE, playing badminton, singles then Rosanna grouped us into doubles, & JUST SO HAPPENED THAT WE WERE CLOSE TOGETHER, SO ROSANNA JUST GROUPED US TOGETHER, the black face came back. Elisa told me just now when they were playing, she wasn't like that, so it's gotta be me la. I can't believe I cried during recess cus she wasn't talking to me. I kinda just teared la, Ner saw & I think she was kinda shocked. Then she kept on staring at me, until Girl nudged her. LOL. Thanks girl. [: I guess Elisa'd noticed (maybe after half an hour. -.-) if Ner kept on staring at me, so Girl nudged her. :D in any case, I hope the last person who'd see me cry is Elisa. Don't ask me why; I just think we're close yet not that close. Issit cus of Ashley? Maybe, maybe not. I just think that she doesn't give a hoot about anyone else except for (people in school) Ashley, Sherylynn, Sam and other others. Like I always get the feeling that her world only comprises of Jiaen & Sherylynn, so she doesn't really need me, so when she approaches me about something, I get really shocked. I get even more stunned when she came for bad today. Just really astonished. Lol.

Something happpened between Tianyong & her AGAIN. Something always happens some time or another, I have no idea why. Is that God's way of pulling them closer together as buddies? Then I can't help but think that it's a very challenging way indeed, seeing how she can shout over the class to the Alicia who's outside "YOUR CELL LEADER SUCKS!"
Well, to tell the truth, I don't think Alicia should say "I know" when Elisa tells her that, cus you're just making Elisa feel better, but not telling her the truth, which is not benefitting her in a way. Tianyong's a very nice guy / friend if you know how to communicate with him and not cross his path. I think Elisa actually knows that because they weren't like that in the past, but unfortunately now, things have come to this stage, it's difficult to say who's right or wrong, or to even predict if they'll go back to the old them, or if they'll stay like that. What a pity though, I must say.
I guess if it was Sapph, she'd analyse the situation with me, make me think from the other person's view, basically telling me to see what I did from that person's point of view & see if it made sense. Cus by doing so, I'll really see the light, & know if I'm supposed to apologise or not. Isn't that a much better way than to tell you "Yeah, I know." 0.o but of course, Alicia has her sister's best interests at heart. Haha :D

Sapph said I was too vulgar for my own good. Well, THANKS. I mean, look, who's always coming home, telling me "BlahBlahBlah, it was fucking funny la!" or "Aiyo, what fucking business is it of hers." Yeah, tell me, if I'm too vulgar for my own good, WHERE DID I GET IT FROM?
Hope you see that Sapph, & understand that you are the root of some problems instead of lecturing just because you're older.

I guess nothing much except for those.. :D hope Sherms get well soon. [:


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