2008-03-09, 12:38 p.m.

Did I blog yday at rtc? Lol, can't really remember. :D

Was at rtc for 8h yday. -.-" went there at around 3 plus to swim, came out of the pool at 5 plus, so we went to the lockers' room to bathe. Went to the 3rd floor to slack a bit, then Auntie Huiling came at 6, so we had dinner at the jap restaurant. YAY! Like, finally, lols. So I ordered 2 sushi handrolls (tempura, cus they ran out of spider temaki- soft shell crab) & it was GREAT. The seaweed was so crisp and fresh, it felt like it just came out from the sea. LOL. I think I'm advertising a little too much. [:

Daddy had mahjong session with Auntie Carol, Auntie Huiling (CFA) & Uncle Raymond, who was a colleague of Auntie Carol, so I stayed outside on the 3rd floor, studying. Omg, it was brilliant. It was so easy to focus and do work, I thought I didn't need music to keep me concentrated. But there was one thing though- I could smell smoke coming out from the Cards Room. Otherwise, everything was perfect, cus there was music coming from The Bar. [: I could FOCUS SO WELL. Hahaha. Now I feel like going to study there everyday. ]: and there's internet connection there! LOLLL. Free xD. I watched pot ova 18 there. Hahaha [:
Auntie Carol saw me when she was heading to the toilet and she was like "That's your girl?!" to my dad. Hahaha, I haven't seen her for the last, 9 years? Hahaha [: If I had gone home with Mummy, I wouldn't have saw her yday. [:

Oh, this is so very important. The girl who served me my drink, saw me studying and she said "Studying? So hardworking," with a smile. I told her "Yeah, I'm failing all my tests, so I guess it's time to pull up my socks." & she actually said "Good luck" to me. Guess she didn't know how much those 2 words meant to me. I was super duper encouraged to continue with my work after she said that. How difficult is it to say Good Luck to someone and how easy can those 2 words make someone's day & encourage them? I think her name was Jaice or Jace, don't know how to spell. =x but she was really nice! Hahaha [: so friendly. Well, that's cus she's not a Chinese. Hahaha, [: she looked malay I think. But she was really nice, and quite pretty. ^^ goshhhh. She came to me later at around 11, to talk to me. Hahaha, how many waitresses can you find that behave like this? Just awesome. If every person was like that in Singapore, don't think I'd wanna emigrate when I grow up.

I wanna go back to rtc!! ]: I'm desperate to go there to study now. IT'S SO COOL! As if going to the airport to study. [:

Okay, I'm going off. :D

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