2008-03-13, 1:17 p.m.

Just updating .. from yesterday. Lols.

TODAY. AT A QUARTER TO 12, A STUPID MALAY GUY CALLED TO FEEDBACK THAT OUR PRODUCTS HAD NO EXPIRY DATES ON IT. & he freakin' woke me up! Then, he asked if I was the staff after a while, & I said no I'm not, I'm the daughter of the Boss. Then he went so this is your residential area? I said yes.
Then when I was talking to Sapph when she came out and when I was talking to her, it suddenly dawned on me that THAT MALAY GUY MIGHT BE MAS SELAMAT. LOLS. Then we both laughed. LOL. Then she said "He-ask-if-you're-the-daughter-you-say-yes, he-ask-you-if-this-is-your-residential-area-you-say-yes, later-he-come-and-bomb-you." LOL. Started laughing, AGAIN.

Was doing the freakin' write up for the freakin' geog & history project, then Sapph called me into Daddy's room & we started learning c-walk. We learnt the V, happy steps & stepback. HAHA! IT'S DIFFICULT OKAY. But once you've gotten the hang of it, it becomes really easy. You just need practice. :) we're gonna take up dance lessons soon, I expect. Modern, cus hiphop clashes with Sapph's jap classes. But hiphop's really more fun. You learn breakdancing, c-walk & some other things. Hiphop has 7 elements, so it's much more interesting. :)
So yeah, we'll probably be taking modern dance. ^^

OMG, YOU KNOW WHEN WE WERE LEARNING YESTERAY. LOL! Damn amusing. Sapph's monthly monster came, so she kept on scratching that part cus it was itchy. THEN EVERY OTHER THING. We laughed over the stupidest thing, like me falling on the bed with a "WOOOOOOH!" sound. HAHA! & other other stupid things! We learnt for like 2-3h, & we kept on laughing & laughing. :)

Can't wait for dance classes to start!

OH, & this guy, called derek. OMG HE JUST SUCKS CAN. I didn't write my name on the tagboard as usual, & he said something like you very bo liao or something like that la. I MEAN, WHY THE HELL SHOULD YOU CARE WHETHER I PUT MY NAME OR NOT. GOSH! Seriously, HE SUCKS. That stupid asshole :(

& Jojo keeps on asking me to go to her church.. I might really go.. seeing how persistent she is. Haha :) shall think about it.

Goodday everyone!

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