2008-03-14, 10:50 p.m.


Went to the stupid dental centre EARLY THIS MORNING, cus it was last minute. Changed the colour! YAY! :) Green was awful; I changed it to lavender. ^^ it's a cooling colour. :) but they said it looked like pink. -.- it's just a very light shade of purple. Haha :)

So Mum dropped me off at Bugis at 1230.. OR somewhere there. THEY FREAKIN' ARRIVED AT 2. Do your maths, I waited for 1 half hours. -.- JUST STANDING THERE, DOING NOTHING. Omgosh. -.- but yay, I made 2 new friends while waiting. :) these 2 guys approached me to do a survey for them about Jesus & God and whatever else. Something like how you think you're different and stuff. Yeah, that sort of stuff. One was 18 & one was 16. THE GUY WHO WAS 16 DIDN'T LOOK 16 AT ALL. LOLS. He looked 14-ish. But he said I didn't look 14 either. Lols. The guy who was 18, said he was a hooligan and stuff before he converted, & he experienced God, so yeah. Unfortunately, I can only see that as a beautiful fairytale, nothing more.
Haven't experienced the feeling of making new friends in a pretty long time. Feels good. :) at least you don't see discrimination on their faces.. it's great. :)
Though that 18-year old guy reminded me a little of Tianyong. -.-

Mrted to hub with Ner, Juan & Sherylynn. Watched stepup2 with Sherylynn & Juan. OMG IT WAS JUST AWESOMEEEEEE. Ner had to go home.. shame. =/
My first time watching a movie with Sherylynn dear; hope it's not the last. :)
STEPUP2 WAS AWESOME MAN. JUST BRILLIANT. TOO FANTASTIC FOR WORDS. Esp the last part in the rain- UBBBBER COOL. Now I wanna learn Street Jazz instead of hiphop! LOL. Shits. Can't make up my mind! :( anyway, Sapph & I'll be trying out hiphop first on tuesday! YAY, CAN'T WAIT! <3

Mummy said I could go to Holland! YAY! Feeling so happy right now! :) will have to tell my teachers & get the homework from them.. xD then can bring it to Holland & do it at night in the hotel. :) YAY! HAPPPPPPPPPY! <3 I'll be missing about, 2 weeks of school! YAY! Hahaha! :D

Might be taking Street Jazz after trying out Hiphop for a year or so.. but I love the sweat. :) & Patrick Loo's the teacher! YAY! HE rocks la. His lessons are super action & fun packed! <3

OMG. STEPUP2 HAS WONDERFUL FIGURES. GOSH. THE GUYS & GIRLS ARE HOT. JUST CHECK THE FIGURES OUT. THE GUYS WITH 6PACKS (PACS), GIRLS WITH SUPER FLAT STOMACH & SUPER MUSCLES. WOOAH! *ENVIOUS* HAHA xD Mummy told me to watch it again if you want to, instead of buying the dvd and then leave it around the house. LOLS. :D

Low is the trend. :D & it's a good trend, so smart people follow it. Yeah <3

I'm super obsessed with steup2 now. I'M SO GONNA BUY STEPUP1 OR BORROW IT OR RENT IT. WHATEVER MAN. HAHA! :)

Okayyyyyy, seems like there's lotsa <3 in this post. :D happy day! & I haven't bathed yet, SHIT. Haha! :)

Repeating the highlights of the day:
; Making 2 new friends- Alvin & Yibin.
; Watching stepup2 with Sherylynn & Juan.
; Approval for going to Holland. :)
; Hiphop lessons start on Tuesday. :D
:: CHANGED THE BRACES' COLOUR. HAHA, that was so unnecessary. :)

Need to bathe. LOLS. BYEEE!

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