2008-03-17, 9:30 p.m.

Hey there. :)

So, first day of school.. wasn't as bad as I thought.. Haha :) was kinda dreading today, but it wasn't that bad. :) happpppy. Haha :D

MissLin changed the places! SHEESH. So now I'm sitting behind with SiMing & with my extremely short body, I can hardly see anything written at the bottom of the board because my dearest big-headed ShiYing is sitting directly in front of me. Thank GOD!- Denise is still sitting in front of me, so she can just turn back and start talking to me. :)
I wonder if I can pay attention more if I sit behind.. Haha :)

School was so-so. But couldn't go tauhuay with them cus I was RUSHING HOME to freakin' get ready to go to Queenstown, & freakin' Sapph got ready at 4. GRR. So we went there, OMG, so many thousands of shoes. -.-" & it gave Sapph a headache. Haha :)
On the bus & mrt, Sapph was telling me we're going to Holland, France & Paris! HAHA :) gonna take one week' worth of leave! YEAH! So I'll be leaving on Friday, coming back on the following Sunday, to minimise leave taken. :) damn happy. LOLS. & guess what, WE'RE FULLY IN CHARGE OF THIS FREAKIN' PROJECT, WHICH MEANS, IF WE DON'T GET THINGS DONE ON TIME, WE DON'T NEED TO GO ALR. HAHAHHA :) HEAVY RESPONSIBILITYYY~ WOOT!
Can't wait to go France.. their scenery there is like WOAHHHH. Woots :)
& do loads of shopping at Paris~ & I think we're going to Switzerland! SKIIIIIII! YAY! :)

Needa do homework tmr.. :) so today gonna relax! Haha :) I think I'm just finding excuses to slack. xD

Anyway, we didn't spend more than 300 at Queenstown just now. Impressive, eh? If I bought my shoes though, we'd spent more than 350. xD but we bought the sports bag, like FINALLLLLY! :) Hahaha xD

Hiphop tmr! CAN'T WAIT!

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