2008-03-19, 7:12 p.m.

Ohayo! :)
Sorry, I just got up from my beautiful dreamland :) so freakin' tired. Didn't know a nap was that efficient. 120% CONCENTRATION TONIGHT! WOOOOOOT! :)

Mrs Lim came in today! BIO!! OMG. So freakin' excited. OMGGG. I SWEAR I'M GONNA WORK SO HARD FOR BIO CUS I LOVE THAT SUB. LOL! :) trust me, I WILL. :D

Today was alright? Lessons were so-so. Hehe :) bio bio bio bio! So freakin' excited. I tell you, I'm looking forward to science after every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's recess alr. :) & the hour passed so quickly in the blink of an eye! Mdm Lee's lessons were like.. 1200 blinks. -.- then her lesson'd be over. Haha :) Sorry Mdm Lee, I just can't do physics for nuts. xD

Netballers' first match for Nationals todayyy :) hope they were alright. :)

For Yamato, going to the Nationals meant that he could continue playing tennis for the year, cus he was really passionate about tennis. But I don't guess no one harbours this thought in Netball. Lols. Sadly. ><

Was damnnnnn tired today can. Went to school, started sleeping. -.- even I felt like a pig. For like, half of maths, my eyes were half-closed. Totally no idea why I was so tireddd. Probably past few days super not enough sleep accumulated, haha :) shits la. :D

LD TMR! :) haven't been attending LD for various reasons lately, as in, VALID REASONS FROM SCHOOL. Cip, leadership trng etc. Marie has been lonely (Sorry, Marie! =/) due to the absence of Cheryl & I. Haha :) GOSHHH, just love crapping with her. She makes no sense at all! :)

Need to bathe. Dinner afterwards. :D

Hui :)

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