2008-03-23, 9:13 p.m.

HELLLLLLLLLLLO, after not blogging for 2 days. xD

Malaysia was fun, as usual! I think, somehow, I'm not as sensitive as before. When my uncle used to crack jokes about me, I'd get damn pissed, like why the crap are you always like "zhen dui" me that kinda thing. But this time, I don't think so. I realise I can use myself as a tool for jokes, like how ChenJianBin does. :) happy :)

This time went back.. spent the entire saturday on finding stuff for the trip. I didn't get any maths done thanks to that, but I managed to do 2 pages of notes for bio cus I'm really interested in it! :) so have to rush maths out later after blogging this post.

Today was my grandpa's birthday, so we went to xing xing xiao shi to eat :) had a feast there. I was supermanxz full when I left there. Haha :) AhBao grew so much can! He's like supermanzx tall now! Hahaha :) & he's growing cuter by the minute man. Though his baby face's gonna be gone soon. =/

I don't think I'm continuing Hiphop. I know it's fun, but I don't think it suits me. I guess Modern's still better for me. I lovedddddddd Auntie Joyce's niece. She was an awesome teacher. :) pity she went to further her studies, otherwise we'd still be taking dance from her. :(

Nicole's coming back on the 12th april! :D can't wait man! She's leaving 2 weeks later, so if I've not gone to Holland yet, I'll probably go send her off again. :) we're having lunch together! How's that! :D:D supermanxz excited. xD can't wait for 12th april to come!

Countdown to the Holland trip: Exactly 30 days when tmr comes. :) so right now it's still 31 days. :D


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