2008-04-19, 11:23 p.m.

Okay, so today was kinda funny :)

Went to Bishan Library at nearing 11, cus Juan told me she'd be late, so I took my time as well, but then some unexpected stuff happened, so I was late by 45mins. -.- and she was on the LAST level, like that told me so much. Hahaha :)
Went to the top level to look for her, and she was in the second box. So we started discussing about MacBeth, and hey we got some work done after all. Hahaha :) & the process was hilarious. We laughed at stupid things, funny things, smart things, everything. LOL. We just kept on laughing and laughing. Think it was pretty noisy with us around :D

Then Sherylynn came at 12plus. AND THEN WE DIDN'T GET ANY WORK DONE. LOL :) so we started crapping around. It wasn't even an hour after Sherylynn came that we went to have lunch, leaving our stuff in the box. So we had KFC, & we saw Delfina. So hughug, and then exchanged a few greetings. Lols :)
But before that, while we were walking to KFC, we saw FLOWER :) & vanessa with her boyfriend. Hahahhaha :) so we hugged Flower & Vanessa :) okay, at least only I did. -.-

So walked out of j8 and went back into the library smuggling one shrooms burger, mashed potato and mountain dew. By the way, I finished a shrooms burger when we were eating like beggars by the road. Lol :) so I only had to smuggle on into the library. Then was eating so sneakily cus the librarian was walking around. -.-

Then I got really bored. So I started reading "Mother please don't die". It's such a great book :) what with Megan detesting Audrey and refusing to attend her wedding, Thad always teasing Megan, Megan always playing with John-paul, all three siblings share the same love for their mother, and don't wish for their mum to leave them yet. It's a really sweet book, and it's THIN. & the fonts are big, so read it if you can :)

Went back to j8 after that. Sherylynn wanted to get her desperate yoghurt. Lols :) so we went to get it, and then went to NTUC, THEN NICOLE CALLED ME :) & apparently they were at the food junction! With Rebecca / boyfriend & Ashley :) so I went to see them. Nicole looooooks the same! Hahahhaha :) Ashley didn't seem pissed anymore that I bailed on her, but who knows what she's thinking in her heart. Hahaha :) so anyway, I left soon after that to get my shoes at Queensway :)

Mummy picked me up, went to Queensway, & entered the carpark. It was freakin $2.30. Lols :) so then we went to the first shop. The really big one, 45 degrees adjacent to Limited Edt. :) & this guy served me, but I didn't buy from that shop, cus I thought his attitude sucked like shit. He gave that super kiampa look, so I didn't care.
Then second shop didn't have my size :( so went to the third shop, AND I LOVED THAT LADY WHO HELPED ME :) Hahaha! She was really so nice! She even went to search stocks for my size! Wahaha :D & I got it. 8half. Super big la, but who cares :D it's green though, kept on thinking it was something Ner'd buy. Hahaha :) but it looks somewhat like Sherylynn's. Hope I didn't get the same pair as her or something. Haha :)

By the way, carpark entrance fee > $2.30, I paid my mummy back :) cus she went to the stall to get bananas, so I took my wallet out and paid her back. She doesn't know, but I feel good :)

Went to eat ChickenRice after that at Serangoon. Was supposed to have SharksFin, but then Mum suddenly said when Aunt & Gran comes, we'll bring them to go eat. Then I was like Huh then why are we going now, wait for them to come la. Then she was like Ohyeah, okay lor. Hahaha :) so we ended up eating ChickenRice :D


& now I have to do something for IPW. Ohshit :( then getting up at 630 to do Geog tmr. AHHH, I FEEL LIKE DYING OR SOMETHING :( Lols :)

Shopping tmr! Eddie's coming, but so is Denise! :D dragged her with me. But wanna drop by Elisa's church first, to go see Jojo, since I told her I'd go but I haven't gone yet. Just hope I make it in time or something. Lols :)

Okay, night night. :D

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