2008-05-21, 9:36 p.m.

Little India was, HOT TODAY.
Freakin hot, it makes one wonder how can people WALK in this kind of heat.

This post shall be about the life in Paris :D:D just suddenly felt like doing it. Ahahaha :D

Day 1:
Trained from Amsterdam Central Station at 0930 and reached Paris at 1330. Saw TONS of cute and hot guys, LOL :D all skiiers I think, if I didn't remember wrongly. LOL :D:D hothot! *drool*
We put the luggage down at the hotel since it was after 2 alr. :D then proceeded to have lunch at this place. Er, as usual, since they didn't take any other westernised food other than PIZZA, that's what we had. It was good, I had to say, and it was HUGE. And I think it's meant for like, a couple or something. -.- it completely filled Sapph, Daddy and my tummy :D
Then we walked around and saw really old houses! Daddy pronounced brick [chinese] as "zun" when it was supposed to be "zhuan". LOLS. For some reason, everyone found it so amusing. 0.o
Went back to the hotel to slack the time away with this packet of BBQ Lays chips which was so awesome we swear we'd buy it again if we saw it. It was different from Sg, so we were kinda overwhelmed? But it was really nice :D too bad Sg doesn't sell :(
So according to my diary, we slacked till around 6-ish, and went to Chinatown to have dinner. Their Metro's really cool :D & it's fast. LOL. And can you believe it, we had pizza AGAIN. Fagggg. Sapph & I swore that we'd abstain from pizza when we got back for at least 3 months. It just doesn't taste nice when you have it twice a day. -.- drank lots and lots of water, and then we walked back.
I know it's dirty, but I didn't feel disgusted with myself when I decided not to bathe cus the temperature was like 7. -.- so I just lay on my bed with my teeth brushed, and I fell asleep almost immediately :)

Day 2:
Morning- COLD. Think it was 3 degrees or something. :D
Cold buffet breakfast provided by the hotel! We finished at 0745, got ready and went down at 5 past 8. We had this City Tour thing led by Aurora, in her little car/van around Paris. Saw and entered cathedrals, like those really ancient types, & then we even went to the highest point in Paris! You can see everything from there :D:D:D
Oh, and then we went to the Eiffel Tower to makan. Eating in Eiffel Tower! I thought seeing it with my own eyes was amazing enough alr, but I was EATING IN IT ! :D there was this lift-thingy to go up, but it was also like a cable car, so it takes you to the first level restaurant which it'll take you 1060 steps if you decide to climb the stairs :)
Lunch was good. Wine with soup, main course & dessert. I ate like the most dessert, cus the ones which half of us ordered had Pistacchio, & for some reason Daddy didn't like it, so I ate his. Sapph ate half, so I finished it for her. Then on the other side, they ordered something like mocca. 0.o then someone couldn't finish, so I helped whack it up also :D it was a good meal. :D worth the 147Euros each :)
[If I didn't remember wrongly, it was 147Euros.]
We went to the Louvre after that :D that pyramid musuem thingy. Freakin cool. Even from the outside. Then we asked Aurora how long would it take someone to walk the entire Louvre, and she said perhaps 2 months, and you have to be in it for days & nights, so it really takes up your entire day. Imagine that! The Louvre, if only Sg had that kind of land. We wouldn't be short of tourists. -.-
So freakin crowded when we went in. -.- so Dad & I went to get the headphones, and it was a right choice, cus I got cheaper rates :D:D
Walked around the Louvre, took ALOT of photos. I think I took more than 100plus. 0.o cus of all the paintings and sculptures. I saw my WONDERFULLLLLL VENUS! :)))) was so excited and in that couldn't-believe-it mode. If I ever manage to get that out of Louvre, I'll be richer than Warren Buffet or Carlos Slim. :D:D:D
Managed to get a glimpse of MonaLisa!! Coool :D
Ohyeah, then after that, we were late meeting Aurora, and she looked REALLLLY pissed, so we decided to tip her 50Euros. :D ohwell, I think she deserved it.
So we went back to the hotel, and had cup noodles for dinner. LOL. Well don't be surprised, cus we brought like 2 whole packets there. -.- then after eating, we just laughed and talked the evening away. Went back to rooms after that :D slept :)

Our last day in Paris:
The wonderful and awesome morning, started with a BLACKOUT. And when we reached the breakfast place, we were telling Aunt & Gran & Mum how our rooms blacked out, and Aunt was like "Blame your Mum. It's her fault." Then we HUH? SO it turns out that she was trying to hasten the process of toasting her bread, so she caused the whole hotel to blackout in the process. -.-
So anyway, we took Metro to nowhere in mind, and then we were actually searching for old cathedrals or musuems, but we stumbled onto their Science Centre. LOL. It was freakin cool, tons of students there for excursion as well :D
Learnt more about refraction and reflection of light. LOLS. Solar system, optical illusions, practically everything that has a theory to do with it was present there. :) they even had live species! We spent like an entire hour in the Ants section :D:D
Their bio, was even cooler :D
Then we had lunch at this restaurant, but we settled for it cus it was raining, so everyone just heck la. Then we ordered ordered without looking at prices, then when bill came, it was 112. LOL. Convert it into $$ > $224. Hahahahah :) for one lunch. But it was good. :D <3
Then we went on the Cruise thing on the Seine River, and I swore I could feel the cold biting against my skin which was exposed to the air. Piercing through, giving me the ultimate shivers. Thank God we went on it in the afternoon. :)
Lots of photos, it was a good cruise :D
Then we went to GAP to shop, and I got this GAP [PARIS] shirt :) so happy with it. Didn't want to get the I (L) France shirt anymore :D:D:D then Sapph got another shirt, so add together the shirts were 44Euros, cheaper than the flowers my Aunt bought afterwards which cost a Euro more. -.- & I kept on wondering when it'd die. Hahahah :D
Then we had 杂菜饭 for dinner. It was passable la, at least the food was decent and there was rice [kept Daddy happy]. :D then we saw a tramp while going to macs next door, and after he saw us looking at him, he freakin followed us. Piang, scared the shit outta me. We kinda half-ran back to the shop next door.
Then when we were going back, as in in that area alr, Daddy & I wanted to go back first. He needed the throne, I needed to keep warm, so we were kinda like hurrying up, BUT THEN WE FREAKIN GOT LOST. And if he'd followed what I said, WE'D TURNED UP AT THE RIGHT PLACE. But he said RIGHT IS GOOD, so he turned right instead of left. -.- so anyway, we were getting desperate alr since the guys from the restaurant didn't know their way as well, so we approached this police car we saw on the streets since they were patrolling, and they were so nice they sent us back. And what the heck, it was just round the corner. All we had to do was a simple U-turn & we'd gotten it. LOL. So we thanked them, and hurried back to the rooms. As expected, everyone thought something'd happened. Hahaha :) we filled them in and they were all so amused.

OKAY THAT'S THE END OF PARIS :) phew. Hands are dying! It's so hard to type such a long essay. -.-
So yeah, Switz's post will be up another day! :D:D look forward to it kay, those who requested me to hurry and post them. It's because of you guys that's why I forced myself to type this instead of watching Gokusen. :D

Okay, till next time toodles!


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