2008-06-04, 10:19 p.m.

Today was kinda boring..

Was supposed to go out with Cheok & Rachel, but was feeling unwell in the morning, so I bailed. Sorry.

& then I had a really boring but wonderful afternoon by rewatching Brown Sugar Macchiato :D damn nice.

Juan came at around 5+ to TRY to do the Science report, but I guess it didn't really work. I'll have to try and fix it somehow :(

Went to run together around the school at 630, then we came home :D

& finally, I'm gonna post about the days in Switzerland :) some have been bugging for photos, but I'm sorry to say that it's not ready yet because my Aunt hasn't sent them over. But I promise once they come, it'll be presented to you guys. :)

Day 1 in Switzerland :
We left for Zurich really early and then we trained to Interlaken right away. We met this skiier called Ruth & she was really nice! Helped us with tickets, directions and everything :D train to Zurich then to Interlaken took us 5h. Slept 4h away. :D
We stayed at this hotel called Mattenhof, pretty decent. 4 stars :D the room was so awesome! The view just took our breaths for those 2 days. It was amazing, like you entered another world. & it was only looking at those snow-capped mountains from a distance, like 100000000km away. But imagine, going up to TOUCH them :D will elaborate later. :D:D:D
Oh, the lift at Mattenhof, was the old fashioned one. Chao cool de, my first time actually using it xD those that you press for the button, you pull open the door, have to wait for the door to close, go to the level you want to go to, then you push the door open again. :D
Oh, I managed to find this Enid Blyton book there to while the 2 days time in hotel room away. :D cus Sapph found this book in Paris, but I couldn't [the rest were in French; it was the only one in English], so I was determined to go down to the Lounge early and find myself one :D
Thought the book'd be helpful, but Dad found out that Internet was free for hotel guests, so Sapph & I spent most of our time available on MSN :D Sherms even blogged that it was so cool talking to me while I was in Switz, like the other part of the country. Haha :) cool stuff :D
& then they went for dinner but Sapph & I didn't feel like going after finding out that they had msn and internet was free :D so we didn't go, & they came back telling us how awesome their TomYamGoong was. Hahaha :)
Switz was still 6h behind, so when we went on at 630, it was 1230 in Sg, so most of my friends were offline, except for a few cus the next day was Labour Day. So I left Sherms, Ner, Juan, Girl, etc, offline msgs :) was damn happy, cus at least I could tell them I miss them & I can't wait to see them when I'm back. :) & update them slightly on what was going on there & what I've done :D

I still remember my PM for that night : If I leave you an offline msg, I miss you :)

Day 2:
Breakfast was great, esp the croissants :D had yoghurt with peaches. Wahahaha :D for breakfast. I'll never have that in Sg. For one, Mum doesn't stock on them, so unless I get them myself, I'll never eat it. Haha :D
Used MSN :D after breakfast with Daddy & at least some of them were online! I think Sherms & Juan was online :D cus it was 8am there, it meant that Sg was 2pm = lots of people online :D so we talked for awhile, damn excited, and then I had to go off :(
Headed off to the ticketing place for the FUN ACTIVITIES :D wanted to go for rafting, but she told us because the currents weren't strong enough, they weren't organising any rafting groups. So we went for canyoning instead. 3 of us [Sapph, Aunt, ME] cost us 300 bucks :D EUROS by the way, that's 600. Wahahahha :) but it was scheduled for next day, so what we did for the remaining hours of daylight..
We went to see the snow-capped mountains visible from our Hotel windows! Trust me, when we returned to the hotel that night, it was unbelievable to me that I actually touched and saw the ice mountains that very day :)
We went from Lauterbrunnen [2kft] to Schilton [9kft] by means of cablecar & trains. Scenery was simply amazing, & snow & ice just captured my heart <3 I was playing like a 3 year old kid as reported from Sapph after we'd returned to the hotel. Guess I really have a thing for snow :)
At the topmost level of the mountains which you could possibly reach using cablecars only, which is where we were, there were like ice structures formed like on ice. So there was this ice mini mountain on ice :D super duper cool! So Sapph & I climbed up there to take photos with Aunt & Mummy :D SUPERRR FUN! It was just so awesome. Then we entered the restaurant to eat, but they no longer served lunch, so we left :( but what was so cool about that restaurant was that it was revolving :D 360 degrees around the mountain so that you can have every single glimpse you want of the mountains :D
Dinnered at Thai restaurant after cable-carring down. Time zooooomed its way while we were having fun up there. We spent 5-6h in the blink of an eye. Now I really miss it, haha :)
The thai food was good! No wonder they had nothing but praises for it. Haha :)
Slept after reading for a couple of hours :D & I still couldn't believe that I went up to the mountains, saw the spotlessd ice, felt the temperature, touched the snow. It was so amazing, I couldn't bring myself to believe it.

Day 3:
Woke up as early as 630 in the morning, washed and breakfasted with croissants again :D it was that good. Went for canyoning after that, & I have nothing to say except that the feeling of plunging into the 1 degree water was totally smashing. The female instructor told us "You guys are weird, coming for canyoning at the coldest season of the year, because the water here are all directly melted from the mountains." LIKE FRESH ICE WATER. Can you imagine? Standing near a waterfall or river is cold enough when it's winter-spring, but we were IN the water. The clothes were really huggish, guessed that kept us a little warmer, but you know after like, 1h?, whenever there was a rope to hold on to as you walked in the water cus the currents were too strong, you could always feel the rope, but not hold it, because it hurt. It was so cold, touching the rope HURT.
Currents were pretty strong, I NEARLY GOT WASHED AWAY! Thank god the Instructor got me in time, or else I'd been washed off :(
The whole point of canyoning was to feel the water. LOL. We spent 10mins going up the mountains, entered the water, did a few minor jumps at first, and then we came to the BIG JUMP. It's called the BIG JUMP because it's the BIGGEST JUMP in the whole journey. You jump off a cliff 3 storeys high, directly into the water. When you actually look down into the water, woah woah I tell you, you'll wanna chicken out. We went the last, so Sapph, out of the 3 of us, went first. & then I didn't wanna be last, so I went second. Then my Aunt, CHICKENED OUT. LOL, she went the long way down :D it was pretty cool, cus like everyone had 2 photos taken of them by that really hot and cute photographer who came with us, but she only had one cus one was taken when you're standing on the cliff, waiting to jump while listening to instructions, and the other taken when you're in midair, going down into the water. So she only had one, LOL. :) I was really terrified when I looked down, but I thought about it, & I decided I'd do it. You pay like 100Euros to come for this, and you don't do it? C'mon! It's all about guts! You've got to do it :D & as Sapph said, after this, you can now tell yourself in whatever you lack confidence in to do, that you've once jumped off a 3 storey high cliff into the 1 degree freezing water :) with that, you'll probably forget everything else. LOL :) I'll never forget that experience man. 3 storeys high!
Well we did other stuff, like sliding on rocks [they provided a harness for that], doing superman jumps :D, and other really cool stuff :D we spent like 10mins going up, but spend 2h going down. LOL.

Lunched with Dad, Mum, Gran at TomYamGoong again. LOL. After they were done with their City Tour and us with our Canyoning, we went to lunch there for the last day & he provided us free ice cream! Cus my Mum went like "Eh they got ice cream leh." to my Aunt & Gran, then after that when the Boss walked past them they said "Wah they got icecream, we want also. Hahaha, you give us la." Then he really gave. LOL. It was from Italy, if I didn't remember wrongly, some chilli-chocolate cream. It wasn't exatly spicy, but you could feel the spice tingling at the back of your throat after every spoonful :)
Went to get souvenirs after that. :D for my fellow classmates & friends! Really cool :D bought like loads of chocolates, a birthday cup for Ners, & other other stuff :D
Trained back to Zurich after that & slept there for one night. Lols, apparently I wrote 'Amazing scenery' in my diary on the way from Interlaken to Zurich. Hahaha :)
I remember after we went to the hotel, Sapph helped me take out this splinter which was in my toe which was hurting me like crap from the changing room after canyoning. Lols :) went for dinner after that with a really grouchy Sapph cus she didn't wanna go & they pressured her into going. So we ended up in this Chinese Restaurant & their lemon chicken was really awesome! I still remember the taste, it was nothing like what they have here in Sg. Lols :) the boss was this lady who spoke Cantonese. Pretty cool :D
Went back and slept the night away..

Day 4:
Got up late cus we weren't rushing for anywhere. Still remember how I felt when I thought that this was my last day in Switz. Really couldn't bear to leave, but all good things must come to an end. Hugging that thought, I went down for a good breakfast, & then back up to the rooms to pack. :( was really sad.
Then we went for City Tour but I'm not shy to admit that it didn't interest me in the least bit. Sapph & I sat together, & we both dozed off together :) then Daddy separated us so that we'd each have someone to translate to, so that we wouldn't feel drowsy, but I don't think it helped alot.
It ended at around 4 or 5, then Sapph & I managed to persuade him to go to the Marche we saw at the train station for dinner :) the food there was wizard! It was so good, okay partially cus I was really famished, but it was also cus the food was GREAT :)
Went back to the hotel after dinner to check out, & the guy randomly asked me "Do you like toblerones?" Then I went like "Er, yeah." & then he fished this huge triangular box of toblerones from under his desk and said "For you." LOL. I was so surprised! It was a pretty big box, ya know, & he just gave it to me like that. But I brought it to school with me & it was finished within that recess. Thanks to everyone who helped me finish. -.- but I guess if I shared it with Sapph or ate it myself, it wouldn't taste that good. Lols.
Went to the airport, & before we knew it, it was time to board. Half of me wanted to go back to Sg quickly to see all my beloved, but half of me was also struggling to not leave. It was really difficult, & as Sapph said on the first day we went there "You waited so long to come here, but before you know it, you'll be going back." I was thinking how true it was. Like it really didn't feel that way, didn't feel that 10 days passed by alr. Seemed like everything happened without us knowing, like Piper freezing time & killing the warlocks without letting Celeste know. It was that awesome, that trip. I'll remember it for life, I swear.
On the plane, I watched P.S. I Love You, The Debaters, August Rush, Signs of love, BUT I DIDN'T MANAGE TO FINISH WATCHING SIGNS OF LOVE. I think it was only like, what, 10mins left? & then they went to shut the thing cus we were touching-down in less than half an hour. Ugh, so annoying! Sapph & I shared the same views on this cus she was slightly about 10mins behind me. Lols :)
& there was this air stewardess on the plane who was really HILARIOUS! She wore green, so I guess that meant that she was different from those who wore blue, & I was right, I guess. Sapph was so dumb; she said "That's just their uniform what. They can change between blue & green." SO DUMB! :D she told another guy at the neighbouring aisle to prepare rum for my Dad who wanted to mix it with his coke after my Dad told her, and he said no rush no rush, but she winked & said "That's why I'm the Boss :D" OMG, SO CUTE CAN! She looks 27-28 to me, but she's 35. OMG. LOL :D
& she told us, "In Australia, when it's winter, everything closes at 3. In NY, any season, it's 24/7. Moral of the story : If you lead a boring life in future with no goals, go to Australia. If you want a happening life, go to NY." Hahahaha :) hope I can see her again on SIA. Fate! :)

The plane took us 11h, from Zurich at 10pm, & landed at Sg at 4. Woooh, I spent the morning on the plane! :D

Okay that's it for the Europe trip! Photos will be sent to peeps who want it! :)

<3 from YIHUI :)

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