2008-07-24, 8:11 p.m.

Omg this is killing me.

I had a Geog test on Wed. I have a Chem test tmr. & I don't think I know half the things yet. :(

Today was Indian dance, pretty cool :D we went up there and started laughing :D:D I'm so sorry Elisa, I didn't realise I forgot about you. Sorry =/

Didn't go for ld today cus I had my braces appointment :D my doctor is reallllly quite cute man. Hahaha, seeing the fact that I didn't go for any apppointments in like, 3 months :D

Was pms-ing today, dono why. Came back, ate, went down to wait for Mum, then started arguing with her in the car. Then she told me to call Dad, I called and then he started being fierce to me, so I shouted back at him. Then my Mum got so annoyed over the two of us shouting at each other over the phone, she shouted NEVER MIND. Hahaha, what the heck is my family made up of :D

I really want to go and tell Xuan not to worry so much about not cooperating well with the other netballers, but it'd be so weird if I just suddenly went up to her and say that or I smsed her. Mok said leave her alone, but it's sooo difficult. Everytime I think of the team now, I think of her not working well with the C'div. It's so taxing can, I want to get it off, but I have NO idea how. Unless I get Mok to do it :D but damn sian diao in the meantime. Hahahahah :) I love seeeeeing Jacq now as well. LOL. She looks like an animal but I dono what. LOL. Superman cute :D Tricia the shorty is damn cute also. Omgggg, why are there so many cute Sec1s this year. LOLLLLLL.

Quarrelling with Denise over msn now. Hahaha! :) damn fun :D

Okay I gotttttta go :D study CHEMM :(

The pain is really killing me. So distracting some more. Grrrrrrrrrr. :( I have a bit more to finishing Chem and I need to finish it! Wooooots :)

Good luck to Ner and Sherms who're taking Bio tmr :D Girl as well :) good luck!

Good luck to Mok for Physicsssss :D OH, mustn't forget my Crush! Hahaha :) Good luck, Kailin :D:D:D:D:D

Hahahhaha, shall stop here.

Takecareee everyone,
Love Yihui :)

How do I tell her.. :(

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