2008-07-30, 5:03 p.m.

Ohgosh, I've been wanting to post for ages :)

黑糖群侠传 is damn nice man! Wangzi's sooooo cute inside with Yatou :) but it'd be so much better with Guigui :):)

Oh, and Juan told me today, apparently Sherylynn posted on her blog, saying 'I hate you , LeeYihui' or something like that. And Mag tagged saying 'Best post ever, haha' or something like that. I don't know how Juan expected me to react, but my first thought was kinda mixed, like half amused and half surprised. Yeah. Thought I wouldn't even be worth her posting about me. Like Jiaen, she'd never post that she was pissed with me, cus I wasn't worth it. :)

So yeah, but now, after several minutes of thinking, it occurred to me that I should continue amusing and entertaining myself by thinking that all she's doing currently is revealing her own imperfections and concealing my own :) *quoted from Qingqing's blog, as quoted from another famous person*. Okay this is the proper one :

"Like what George Bernard Shaw said, �Choose silence of all virtues, for by it you hear other men�s imperfections and conceal your own.�

Hehehe :) that's right. Just what I want to say. Since I can't control or change what she wants to say, then I should just let her be, cus by doing so, she's just showing letting me know how childish she is :)

Wonder when she'll grow up 0.o

The shoulder's killing me. It's damn shit la. I hate gym, something just happens to my elbow / shoulder / wrist whenever I touch gym. Sucks shit. And I don't want to tell my Dad & Mum. :( I only told like Denise, Juan, Cheok & Nicole. Cus they're my group members. Hahaha :) didn't even tell Girl or Sherms. 0.o I'm so sorry guys, guess I'm not over my phobia yet. Takes a rather long time ><

Stupid Sapph went for Chalet and she's coming back tmr. Gahhhh :( and she didn't even reply my sms! That asshole :(

Oh, had this superman interesting convo with Tricia just now! While having lunch :D Omg damn funny :) she's soooo adorable and humorous. But she's also very straightforward at the same time. Guess there WILL be some who won't like her 0.o

I tried my best to ignore her today!! I can't believe I managed to do it. Mok told me to try it once, and it felt so shit. Well I couldn't help, I sneaked a peek or two at her while walking back to class from toilet, but I didn't smile at her. And then at lunch, I saw her from afar! :) And I felt that bit in me that was elated :D But yes, I'm going to give up. It's so tiring :( and everytime during the weekends, I don't get to see her, I get so sian diao. Then Mok just makes it worse by being so close to herrrrrr. Ugh, this sucks. Why did I even like her in the first place. SUCKSSSSS ><

Okay need to go and bathe. Then do Chem :) OH! BY THE WAY, I'M LIKE THE GAMES PLANNER FOR SWEE'S BIRTHDAY. WONDERFUL SHIT :) SO HAPPPPY :) I'M GOING TO PLAY THOSE GAMES THEY PLAY FOR 模范棒棒堂/ 我爱黑涩会 / 哪里怕!Wahahaha! :) it's going to be soooo fun :)

Next week! Something else to motivate me! :) SLEEPOVER :D


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