2008-08-11, 12:59 a.m.

Okay I am semi-pissed, I DON'T KNOW WHY.

So Swee & I practised dance till like we sweat'ed' like shit last night, and watched half of Hsm, then we went to orhorh.
Watched 黑糖群侠传 this morning and it totally lifted my spirits and made my day. Yeah & now it's ruined.

Then Yvette & Cheryl came, so we crapped together. Danced and listened to music and sang. & then Swee had to go for her lessons, so we went to play in the pool. Damn fun.

And then, bathed, went to get her [saw an accident], then went to Night Safari. We took like, alot of photos [for our case], then we went in. Just walked around and stuff, pretty cool. Damn hard to see / spot animals, it's so dark :(

Then after that, went to B&J while waiting for Swee's mum to come, then we saw Chris [Minyi's sis], and then saw Justin, Sherylynn's brother. At that instant, I was like, thoroughly shocked, I don't know why. Maybe it was because it was so coincidental, maybe it was the fact that they looked so alike, I was shocked. I just don't know why, I was like shocked / surprised & I didn't like it. & then Justin asked for my name, AND I WAS HESITATING, then smart Yvette had to say my name out. So fine, I was like half-pissed with her cus I just told her this afternoon that Sherylynn's pissed with me, & it's pretty obvious that the brother will go home & mention that he saw friends of his sister. -.- thanks smart Yvette.

Okay & then some other stuff happened. Lazy to type everything out. Wasn't a very good ending to a perfect day. Sad =/ this is when Perfection goes off & doesn't want to complete its routine.

Going off, still not feeling in the best of moods.

Yihui <3

P.S. I think Swee can't do hiphop for nuts [unless she practices] & she can't really sing chinese songs [unless she practices]. Random~

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