2008-08-30, 12:46 a.m.

Wahhhhhhhh :) school was PRETTY fun today :D

Had stomachache though, damn shit =/ anyway, went to give the pressies & then it was time for the celebration thingy, and it was like 45mins only -.- shortest celebration in sn history.

So anyway, it was getting dry at the end, cus the 'prompters' were like shouting themselves hoarse when NOONE was responding to them. -.-

So yeah after that, packed stuff, went home to pack clothes :) then came to Swee's house :D

Was recording songs just now in the afternoon, we had so much fun :)

Then we went to the Airport for dinner cus I went to see Tianyong off, & HE LOOKED SO CUTE. HAHAHAHA. He hates people calling him cute, he wants people to call him 'man'. Hahaha :) but too bad, he got baby face :) met him at the MoneyChanger & whacked him with the magazine. Lol :) then he went to meet the church friends & I conveniently excused myself~

Had dinner with Cheryl, Yvette & Swee, AND WE FOUND OUT ONE ASTONISHING FACT ABOUT CHERYL ANNE LIM- When we sing, we use our diaphragm. When we're not singing & breathing normally THROUGH OUR NOSE, she breathes through her MOUTH. Like 24/7. So I concluded that if you need to breathe with your mouth, your mouth can't be closed- THEREFORE HER MOUTH IS NEVER CLOSED IN HISTORY OTHERWISE SHE STOPS BREATHING. LOL. & she can even breathe with her mouth when she's eating! -.-"
Okay so dinner was unusally hilarious :) nearly choked :D

Then he was heading for departure alr. Really REALLY wanted to go and shake hands with him, or hug him, or just SAY BYE to him in his face, but too bad, his church friends were there [with Elisa], so I didn't go :) but I said bye over the phone, nice enough :)

&, I do NOT like him. A hug would be a form of encouragement for him over there for 3 months all by himself. A friendship hug. Hurhurhurhur :) sorry to disappoint :)

Yup, AND WILL YOU BELIEVE IT, WE WENT ON THE MRT FIRST, THEN IT REACHED BOONLAY AND WE DIDN'T GET OFF CUS WE FORGOT TO, SO WE WENT BACK TO CHANGI. LOL. DAMN STUPID LA. & so coincidentally, Elisa came at THAT time on THE CARRIAGE I WAS ON, so we started crapping together about her Clement & her xD I kept staring. LOL!

But Elisa, honestly if I were you, I'll just go for it. I mean, how often do you see someone you like :) even if there's nothing to talk about, just sms him saying "HEY HI." Lol, it's lame, but it works. :)

模范棒棒堂 was SAD today. & I cried in front of Swee, Cheryl & Yvette! Omg so malu la. -.- but since it was crying for the show, no big deal la. :) Mfbbt, the BOMB :D

Three months is going to pass real fast :) before we know it, you'll be back. But meanwhile when you're there, be yourself & be happy :) that's what you promised me.

Going offf~
Yihui :D

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