2008-09-03, 12:45 p.m.

It's Wednesday alr. AND I HAVEN'T DONE MUCH. Damn it.

ANYWAY :) on a happier note, WE WENT OUT YDAY :) it was so damn fun :) went to cine to catch Hana Yori Dango!! OMG it was so fabulous and awesomee :) Tsukushi got pregnant in the end! It was such a sweet ending :) Rui was so hot. LOL. :)

Well yeah the movie was the best, I guess :) sitting next to Yvette was kinda fun as well, hahahhaha :)

Then we took neoprints! OMG so awesome. Haven't taken neoprints in such a long time xD it was sooooooo brilliant. Pity we TOOK LIKE 10 MINS TO REALISE THAT THERE WAS ANOTHER MACHINE DOWN THERE, so we couldn't decorate much =/ but nevermind xD

Then we went to make this wrist thingy, & it was so damn cool. 19 bucks though. So ex, then Swee wanted the symbol [lol] & it was another extra three bucks, so it was 21 but she paid our three bucks as christams presents to us :) & our designs are all different, but the letters on it are the same : cyys. :) Cheryl, Yvette / Yihui OR Yihui / Yvette, Swee.

I don't know how the Lyns will react though. Now I have like two 'bands', but Lyns is seriously disbanding. We don't have that passion for Lyns anymore. Kinda shitty. We started with badminton, but after awhile we didn't play and now we're like that. But for the Cyys, it's different. We all have a passion for singing, you see. & it's like a common hobby, so we start recording whenever we go to Swee's house. Really different feeling when I'm with them. More open, I can be myself. How to say, it's like we can burp, fart, laugh at each other without considering how we'd feel, cus it's just like that. It's really very open. Or like we can just say "OMG MY PERIOD IS HERE." Yeah, it's like that. Cus we might decide to go for a swim, but then Yvette might be like "Eek, I can't swim. My mense is here." Lol, something like that. & we don't feel awkward saying it. Maybe it's because we were all from Ld, lol.

Now that I think of it, if Marie had came with us on the first time to Borders, maybe it wouldn't be only us four now. Or maybe that would be the last time we ever went out. Lol. :)

I swear I was the happiest in like dono how many hundred days while I was at Swee's house with Yvette & Cheryl :)

The Lyns is really, ugh. So many disputes, so many unhappiness. But as the saying goes "All good things must come to an end." I guess this is what it means. The times we had were good though, while the time lasted. It was really one of the happiest times of my life. I felt that it was somewhere I belonged, somewhere where I was actually wanted. Now that I have Cyys, I think it's also going to end up like Lyns at the end, but I hope it won't end so soon. Lyns was really one of the reallly best times. Sherms, Ner & Juan were like my besties. They were the bomb, & they'll always be the bomb. But I guess it's true, we'll just never go back to how we used to be, no matter how hard we try.

The memory, will always be kept in the Heart.

Lunchtime, then worktime.

Yihui :)

PS. Sherms, Juan, Ner, Swee, Cheryl, Yvette, you guys will always be part of that awesome memory.

Thankyou, especially to the Lyns,

Cyys, we'll see how long we can last :)

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