2008-10-05, 7:52 p.m.

I am currently too overwhelmed by this awesome drama called 'Silence'. It all started with their beginning, in the hospital cellar. They were passing messages to each other, & they finally met. They shared lunchboxes, listened to ipod under a tree, & did many other things which was so touching. Finaly, the boy had to leave for further studies in London, & he hurriedly scribbled a note to the girl with his telephone number and left. But he never understood why the girl never called him. Or rather, he thought the girl'd never called him, it was just that she couldn't speak into the telephone.
They grew up, but couldn't recognise each other anymore. He offended her the first day by firing her adoptive father, & they got to know each other better by the day, although never asking for each other's name.
He first realised who she was, but decided to stay away from her because he was suffering from this terminal illness called liver cancer, last stage. 3 more months to live, & he decided he wouldn't be selfish & tried his best to distance himself away from her.
Obviously, we all know the ending. They got together again at like the last 20 minutes of the entire drama, and although they spent their happiest of the happiest times in the vast greens, both had never regretted once for waiting for 13 years for each other & being together. The guy, then went to Lucky Star, a wonderful habitat in Mars for all those whom you have loved and missed before who are not on Earth anymore to watch over her every night. In the day, he would be in Lucky Star too, in the girl's hands.

My gawd, why am I telling the synopsis. Uhh, stupid =/ but I'm like super touched. Their love was so awesome. I learnt so much things in 3 days. & I have a Lit paper tmr, which I haven't studied. LOL :) don't think I'll do any revision tonight, maybe just read the book a little.

Ohyeah, I don't recommend Silence for people who don't like flashbacks, impatient people. Seeing that the story progresses with the years & the familiar things they do, there's bound to be lots of flashbacks. So yep.

Silence rocks <33 it took my love away from htqxz for a day!! Ohwell, it was worth it. I chionged 19 eps in 3 days. Woots :)

Lucky Star, whoever's living in Lucky Star, should probably be looking down at us from the starry night each day now.


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