2008-10-07, 11:25 p.m.

Eoys are over. OVER.

Hallelujah :) eoys are finally finally over & our long-awaited trip to KBOX! Finally came true today :) came to my house to change after the chinese paper ended & it was so hard to believe that our exams were over. It seemed like yesterday when we were still mugging hard for Geography paper, & before we knew it, our exams are over :) AND THERE'S NO SCHOOL FOR US TMR! :D:D MEP & DRAMA exam tmr, so we don't have to report! :D

Anyway, today was such an awesome day. Okay not really, but still, it was a good break :D reached home at like 8. IMAGINE THAT. & we were walking like everywhere. Throat hurting like crap after singing 5h straight today also :( but it's all worth it :D headed straight for kbox when we reached cine while Swee & Cheryl went to collect something from her Mum. The stupid Yvette, was booking the songs like there was no tmr, & I kept telling her "Can you finish singing all these first?" But all she told me was "No, book now, otherwise later no time alr." SO, Cheryl & Swee ended up waiting dono how long just to sing their English songs. Sorry guys =x

Went to take Neoprints after that! Haha, super fun! :D I've never designed it in my entire life. Well, partially cus those whom I go out with will be like I WANNA DO I WANNA DO, so I've never had a go at it. But I did it today! Super happy :) but I think it was kinda ugly though =x=x sorry :(

After that.. OH! We went to window shop. Omg, can die man. Just keep walking & walking. Swee got her very first pair of heels today. Maybe she's getting influenced by us. Okay maybe not us, but rather ME =x but ohwell, whatever :)

Bought lots of snacks from Marks & Spencer. My gawd, it'll last me for about a week! I definitely need to go and run three rounds tmr with the amount of food I'm eating :( maybe evening 0.o netballers have trng tmr! I might see them if I'm lucky :(:( WELL ANYWAY! Bought loads, BUT I MADE THIS STUPID MISTAKE & I WAS SO PISSED AT MYSELF. Cus of the stupid mix-up and confusion, I thought I'd bought the redcurrent puffs thingy alr BUT I DIDN'T. & I OWE SAPPH LIKE 3. & I FORGOT TO BUY A SINGLE ONE BACK. UGH, I could've kicked myself or something T.T

Well, yeah. That was about it :) I'm proud to say that I'm still not very over Silence. How am I supposed to forget such an awesome drama so quickly man =/ it taught me so many things. It showed me how love can be so noble & sacrificial, showed me how love can make someone so possessive, showed me how love can overcome everything :) Mr Teoh's right, you only need love to touch people's lives. This drama is so awesome :) Shenshen kept wanting to sacrifice for Weiyi, vice versa. But Zuojun & Xiaoguang only knew how to keep their loved ones by their side, not knowing that love means you want that person to be happy, even if you're not the one who can give that happiness. But ohwell, they got it in the end. Lol :) I keep doing the Lucky Star sign now =x it also proved how one week cannot be compared to thirteen years. Sure, you can take care of one for thirteen years, try your best to make her fall in love with you, but that one week of memories was enough to last them for their lives, because it was the only time Weiyi led his life for himself.

OKAY ENOUGH WITH THE DRAMA MAN, LOL. I'm going to start on other dramas, hope it's going to be as good as Silence. Will concentrate on Mfbbt tonight first =x going to sleep when my hair dries :)

The moon has been unnaturally bright these few days. & beside it, I can always spot a Lucky Star :)

Need to give thanks to God for blessing me with focus during the timespan for our papers! Need to thank Lollipop for being so nice as well :) Rock on!


I like this part so much <3

Okay, time to stop blogging. Will post again when I feel like it :)

Yihui <3

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