2008-11-01, 2:31 p.m.

HSM3 yday!! It was super nice :):) Zac was oh, as usual, hot. & they all had their old hairstyles back, unlike HSM2 where they cut it short. This time it's exactly like HSM1, long and nice :)

& the whole time, stupid Yvette had to pee, so she couldn't enjoy the movie properly. & I was like pushing / squeezing her bladder unknowingly cus I was so excited!, so it was pretty funny, lol :)

& Swee En's brother, has ZERO movie etiquette. Doesn't know how to sit properly, doesn't know when to gasp, doesn't know when to comment, doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. I'm never going out if he's coming again, sitting with us. I'm like okay if he sits elsewhere, but not with us. Cheryl's right, all guys are jerks when they're with girls if they're not a couple. They think that girls like them that way, but nono, you're just acting stupid in front of us & we'd very much prefer it if you were a Gentleman.

Going home tmr early in the morning! Lol :) I miss home so much =/ lol. 2 weeks in Egypt made me really homesick, lol. Still can't believe I'm back from Egypt, I went to Egypt, I knew people from Egypt. Lol, interesting life. Haha, I'm talking nonsense :):)

Okay, MFBBT time!! :D:D:D & Valerie told me that if you buy W595, you stand a chance to see Lollipop in Singapore. Wth la!! That'd be super lucky =/=/ & if I was like in Taiwan right now, preparing to go to Fanfanjie's concert, I'LL BE ABLE TO SEE THEM TODAY. & I'LL BE ABLE TO FULFILL MY LIFETIME WISH. MYGAWDDD, I JUST WANT TO SEE THEM ONCE IN MY LIFETIMEEEEE. Sighs :(:(

OKAYYY, thanks Kim, for emailing me :D it's fun talking over email :D

Oh, & ah, thanks Mok :) for blogging about me, THOUGH IT'S THE FIRST PARAGRAPH ONLY -.- thanks to Ner too, for blogging :D


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