2008-11-02, 10:43 p.m.

Omg Hana Kimi is so awesomeeeeeee <33 I'm falling in love with Nakatsu alr. He's so hot inside, my gawd. He's humorous & cute, he's like the dream guy of every girl! I was just telling Swee yday, why are there so many hot & cute guys WHICH ARE NOT WITHIN OUR REACH. LOL! He's super cute inside man! With his golden hair & loose tie + tucked out shirt! Wooooooh~!

So many things to blog and post about, but I don't where to start from. Lots of misunderstandings happened today, cus of my return from Swee's house, then to Dad's lunch with Uncle Kc and so on. Then Dad & Mum quarrelled for some stupid reason, & now I really don't feel like going over to Swee's house anymore during the hols. It's too taxing for them. I'll just give it up, I guess. Anything to shut them up. From quarrelling.

Have a rehearsal with them tmr, but I haven't practised at all today! Spent my entire afternoon sleeping =x from 11 I slept to 4, then they came over to view photos and everything, then it was dinner time before we realised & then I had to bathe, THEN FINISH WATCHING THE AWESOME HANA KIMI :D yeah, haven't practised at all today! So I decided, I'm getting up really early tmr to go to the dance studio to practise with Cheryl. Hahahha :) meeting her at 8 in the studio tmr :) hope I won't slow everyone down.. :(

WHEW, okay I should be sleeping now :) otherwise I won't get up tmr xD shall play music to hypnotise me to sleep xD

Intend to write to Titin soon :) tell her about Egypt and stuff. Hope she replies ^^

Toodles, everyone :) lovely dreams.

Yihui <3

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