2008-11-04, 12:25 p.m.

Ohman, I missed today's filming! I slept all the way until 12 =/ although I did try to get up at 8plus.. =x

ANYWAY, attended yday's dance rehearsal & I WAS SO LONELY, cus Cheryl & Yvette were like together with the other comm, re-doing the formation, so I was like all alone. Sherms was like, lone-ing by herself also, so I didn't go disturb her. Ner was talking to Joey & Meiqi about the AV thing, so I was like SERIOUSLY ALONE.
Well anyway, Addie told us to go practise, so I went & stood there for a little while. Then Denise turned & looked at me and said "Ohyeah, you don't know the dance right." & I was like "??" Then the music ended & restarted. Then I started dancing with them, and she looked at me with the er, half-amazed look, half-puzzled look. Didn't really want to laugh, it'd be so rude. So, anyway, her face was like "How come you know 0.o" Hahahhaa :)

& so, for some reason, because I know the entire dance abit better than the rest I guess [& probably because of Cheryl & Yvette], I became the person to standby for Xinling if she can't come on the 14th. I think some of them are abit.. Huh why her, today's like her first day coming for rehearsal leh. Hai, just ignore it, I guess.

Yday's dance rehearsal was a fun one, I guess. Mok kept making fun of me =/ & I kept laughing at her also, hahaha :)

Tadaaa, lunch today, & maybe I'll start a new drama, or perhaps anime, OR JUST CARRY ON WITH MFBBT :D

Toodles everyone! Take care! <3 Yihui :D

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