2008-11-14, 9:48 p.m.

Last day of school is OVERRRRRRRRRR, overrrr!! Award Ceremony over, Investiture (Invest) over, STUPID CUPID OVER!! Woooooohooooooooo~~

I was like paranoid la, tsk. Thought I'd be late for school or something, so I woke up really early. Etcetc, pinning the badge to the pinafore took me about 10mins, cus it was slanting everywhere. So annoying ><

Then I went to school without wearing my tie yet, then I met Nicole, then we kinda like walked around together. & she was so funny, I went into the hall, figured that it wasn't time for us to er, report yet, so I went out. Then Nicole WENT ALL THE WAY TO THE FRONT, I dono for what. It was so funnnnny. At least I stayed at the back and figured that er, I think go canteen and wait first, you know. She went to the front & realised it wasn't time yet, then she came out & I started laughing at her. Hahahaha :)

Well it was time very soon, so we went to the hall & sat. Pledge & everything, & the boring thing [Award Presentation Ceremony] started. Really, BORING. Bleah =x 2h. Or about 1 & a half hours. Then we had break, BUT WE HAD TO MOVE ALL THE CHAIRS AND WHAT NOT, so we didn't have a 1h break! We had like 10mins break. Then ran around everywhere, & stupid Sapph didn't come for the Invest. That asshole. I'm gonna remember this.
Anyway, I saw Dad & Mum when I was walking to the stage. Then she went to wave at me, can! Mygawd la, I nearly rolled my eyes there. LOL. Yeah then the walkout was er.. okay I guess. I was kinda nervous I dono why. The path seemed so long, so weird. Lol.
Then we went to sit, PROPERLY. Then Cheryl & I started talking about HOW WE WERE SUPPOSED TO EXIT CUS THE WAY WE'RE SUPPOSED TO GO, WAS BLOCKED BY THE SEC3s, so we were like "shit shit" etc. Then we had to constantly remind ourselves to talk softer cus we were councillors & the principal was talking. Lol, damn funny. But yeah, it came out alright. Our dance was first & er, surprisingly! Juan they all noticed me. Lol, was really kinda surprised. Thought they'd looked at the front stage for the performance. I mean, it's like there for them to enjoy! Lol, anyway, it was not bad :) noone fell off stages or whatever. Hahahaha :) it was really successful. Then was the Sec3s dance, not bad. Then the Exco dance, super nice!! Woooooh, & they went Old School- they used "Bye Bye Bye - Nsync". Hoooooo, their dance steps were cool :)

Then was the dono what er, OH, lunch! After the whole Invest, after the heads talked to us etc, got back cca record slips etc, went to eat! Hahahaha :) oh, Mok passed me this letter which was so sweet :):) so happy :D she attached this photo too, that she printed. Like this kinda ugly shot of me, but I'll always keep it :)
Then OH, for some reason, we had this mango sorbet thingy offered by Linlaoshi, so we glady accepted it. & IT WAS SO FUNNY. In the canteen, we were like, who's saliva conscious- Yvette & Joan. So they used spoons to eat while Tricia & I used straws. LOL. Then we had like this territory & that territory. It was so funny, hahaha :)

Yeah, then oh, went to decorate ld board. Then went to eat with Mok. Lol, then I went to walk around by myself xD then I went back to 2faith to help with the ld board, lol. Etcetc, until 5 o' clock came, then we went to watch Stupid Cupid. Lol :) didn't get most of it. It was so cheeem, hahahaha :)

FINALLLLLY, went for dinner!! With Yvette & Cheryl & Mok & Swee! :):) was quite funny also xD then Esther they all came & they sat behind us ^^ will see them during Day Camp! :)

Yeah that's about it for today. Loved Invest :) the applause actually resounds in your heart. I actually couldn't believe that people were er, cheering for me. Lol, not being fake or anything, but like really, I thought it'd die off when my name was called. Thanks guys :):)

Tata, hotshot!!


P.S. Maybe not uploading about Egypt, TOO MANY THINGS! Maybe those highlights :)

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