2008-11-24, 11:00 p.m.

Ahhahh, today was kinda fun! :)

I know I haven't blogged in a couple of days, so lets give a summary of what has happened over the past few days.

Lets see.. I was mapling for the entire day yday.. & the day before.. OH, dad's birthday! Had the cake at night xDxD then went to Thomson Plaza on Friday with Cheryl & Swee to check Amore out. Yup, that's it. I lead a boring life, so there's not much point making my blog public :)

& today! We had the Day Camp thingy xD it was a workshop can. I was thinking if it was a day camp where we had to like play games and stuff, why would we have to wear blouse and badge. Dots. So anyway, Susan Lim talked alot. I wouldn't say she crapped alot, because she was actually saying loads of useful things for us to absorb. So yeah, but MissRockey told us loads too. Had kinda like sharing session la. & Zoey was damn funny man. She really dono the right words to use when she talks. Nearly everytime when she opens her mouth to say something, everyone'll start laughing. Hahahaha :)

Okay yeah, anyway. Cheryl made me so angry with her before we met up. I bought her share for Macs, & then she was really late in coming, so AhBoon & Denise were drinking her Coke and stuff, so I smsed her saying you'd better come soon, your food is cold & everyone's eating your food. Then after that she was like huh? Okay I'm not eating that anymore -.- I was so damn pissed with her, but she still paid me, so I chucked it. I MEAN, she was the one who didn't wanna eat! Besides, they only drank her coke! Didn't even eat her fries or nuggets. =.= such a waste of money la.
& I saw Lion & fellows at macs today too. Hahaha :) haven't seen them for so long, hahahaha :):)
Okay that was stupid, lol.

ANYWAY, after the entire workshop thingy, Sherms passed us our gift! Thanks yo :) I really like it :) thanks :)
Then we were supposed to go Hub, but we met Cheryl's mum on the way to the busstop & she said Cheryl wasn't allowed to go to Hub in uniform unless she goes home to change. So we went home with her, AND ENDED UP EATING DINNER THERE. LOL! We stayed there for like 4h =x so paiseh la. Ate free dinner [charkwayteow], free drink [icelemontea] and like loads of stuff =x=x the mum's really nice :) unlike ****'s mum, lol.
So we ended up having a hearttoheart talk after dinner. Talked about our strengths & weaknesses, people, etcetc. Hahaha :) quite a meaningful talk :)

Anyway, as leaders, we're supposed to reflect and review everyday, so I guess that's what I'll do from now on, lol.

Cheers everyone :)

Yihui <3

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