2008-11-25, 11:35 p.m.

Okay a recount of today's happenings! :)

Got up after being called up by Dad, then went to bathe cus my monthly trouble came looking for me yday. Changed and what not, then went to Upper Thomson there for lunch at this kiddy cafe. Really very cute :)

Talked and talked and talked, then I realised the last time I saw Aunt Joyce was like 6 years ago. Hahaha, she was like Wow you're so big now, hahaha :) & anyway, being the young kid I was then, I probably didn't know what they were talking about and was satisfied with living in my own world. But now, I realised that Aunt Joyce is reallly a great person. Reallyreally, she's like super awesome. She's like reallly reallllly knowledgable and she's willing to share. I think that's so admirable. Many know loads of stuff in this world, but how many of them aren't selfish and are willing to share what they know? Besides that, she's like really nice to get along with, hahaha :) loads of stuff to talk about and stuff. She's like the ideal friend one could look for. She's my role model!! Hahaha :) Dad said she's a very good listener too, and by listening you actually learn alot. Hm, I think I need to learn that too :)

Anyway, that isn't this post's highlight. The thing is, when Dad went to pay the check, she suddenly said Your father is a very very good friend of mine. I respect him because he's a man of integrity. At that point, I was literally thinking er, integrity, you mean he doesn't steal and stuff? Then she explained that Dad actually faces lots of criticism at work, but he persists and does what he's paid to do. He knows that many talk behind his back, call him names, even those who are supposed to be his friends criticise him, but he still does what he's supposed to do. As his daughter, I NEVER KNEW THAT. & I'm quite sure my Mum doesn't know it too 0.o I mean, which father will mention this to his family. All he says is "I'm a troubleshooter in my company." Yeah, he never mentions what he gets in return for being a troubleshooter, lol.

OKAY, end of post. I think it's hard on my dad, SO I'M GOING TO MAPLE WITH HIM NOW :)


Facial treatment tmr, PAIN! Sucksss :(

BYE!! :)

Yihui <3

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