2008-12-01, 11:12 p.m.

YAYYY I am posting on my new laptop! :D:D:D it's white!! Coolbaby :D but it's Fujitsu again.. kinda sad. We didn't really wanna get this at the Sitex show yday, but someone was one step ahead of us & bought the Acer comp, so we were only left with this option since Asus & Dell & Hp were out :( hope this won't be such a bad experience. The first two times were bad enough.

BUT THIS. This afternoon, I started setting the comp up, and the stupid internet hung on me. It just wouldn't detect to the wireless. For some reason. I didn't think of rebooting, & by then I got so fedup I decided to just shut the comp down, lol. Now it's working. Weird.

& the Msn, is like. When I just started the machine & connected to the internet, Msn wouldn't sign me on & showed me the Troubleshoot / Close box. Then I opened IE & the home page wouldn't load. Then I tried Google, & it loaded. Then I tried Maplesea, and it was okay. Then I went to click Sign In again & it was working. This comp is really weird man, lol.

Ahah, it's downloading maple now. I need to go dl Itunes too! :):) I love this comp. Just hope it doesn't screw up on me anymore :(:(

Anyway! Sapph said I shouldn't go to Jb with Yvette they all :(:( so sad. She says it's too dangerous. Esp if we're not driving. Lots of purse-snatchers & pickpockets :(:( howw!! I wanna go man :(

Hai, will have to tell Cheryl soon. We were having this awesome debate over sms, talking about Swee. HAHAHA :) quite funny. My usage of vocab seems to be better with Cheryl. Lol. For some reason :)

OKAYYY, going to do some reading now. Will leave the comp on to dl Maple :) TATA~!

Sha's coming for Christmas [Maybe], dono when though ^^

Yihui <33

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