2008-12-06, 1:47 p.m.

YAY! :D lol, I also dono I YAY for what. ANYWAY~! Raj emailed everyone saying Alicia had a surgery after she got back to Singapore & she's on a month's MC now. Get well soon, Alicia!!

Finished reading My Sister's Keeper & it's the first book that made me tear / cry. My tears were like dripping at the end cus the ending was so saddd :( Anna died & Kate lived with Anna's kidney. It was pretty touching though, how Jodi wrote Kate's name for the last chapter. Cus in front was always Anna, Campbell, Julia, Sara, Brian. Never Kate. So yeah, it was kinda nice. Julia & Campbell got together too!! Campbell dumped her because he had a car accident which resulted in him having seizures any moment, which is why Judge is always with him. Hahahha :) this book was a damn good read. I loved it. First book that ever made me cry. Lol. Maybe it was because I was imagining too much in my mind. Hahaha :) I need to find more books to read!! My vocab's getting more & more limited :(

The performance is today~! At least it's today and yday but we're going for today's. Hahaha :) can't wait to see my old teacher ^^ hope the other kids are going too. Still remember the times we played scissors-paper-stone at the teacher's house. It was so damn fun. That was the first time I got to know dance, I think, which is when I realised I like it. Which was about.. I'm 14 this year.. around.. 8 years ago. Or maybe more than that. I wasn't even in primary school yet, lol.

Learning Fanfan's song now, so hard to sing =/ this comp has no chinese language [haven't dled], so yeah :( CAN'T WAIT FOR TONIGHT~!~!

Harvard University :D:D

Yihui <3

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