2008-12-15, 5:42 p.m.


Anyway! Pretty recent stuff that happened.. :D lets go back to last Tuesday, which was what I wanted to post, but kept forgetting :D

Went out for lunch at the Yck stadium sushi place with Ahgirl & Juan, & there were some sort of misunderstandings but hahaha, I pulled myself out of the house & went there. THE FREAKING BUS TOOK LIKE HALF AN HOUR TO COME LA. ASS :(
Okay yeah , anyway, it was damn funny there. We ate like NOT ALOT of sushi but ate this mochi-like thingy, LOL! Then we couldn't miss their dessert & we took like 2 servings. Omg la, we told Juan to finish it. Then we told her to shunbian pay for it, LOL. Her face was like "?!" HAHAHA~! Loads of fun :) lets go there soon again! With Sherms & Ner! :D
Oh then we mrted to Hub to uh.. buy stuff? LOL. We bought Ahgirl's birthday present & LINLIJUAN STILL OWES ME TEN BUCKS, HAHAHA :D Bought.. uh.. clothes? Uh.. hm.. yeah, we kinda just walked around and stuff. Hahaha :)

Then we all went home & I was late for badminton =x went to play & stuff, then Dear Cheryl was late & she was holding all the shuttlecocks. Thank God I brought one, heh heh :D then when she came, things got kinda unpleasant cus she didn't know how to play & stuff, her face was like, BLACK. Well , Yvette was trying to make things better, but it obviously wasn't working out very well .. so heck, we went for food therapy- At Macs. Cheryl was talking & talking & talking once we were eating, hahaha :) then we saw Yanchun! Hahaha :) with her brother. She was soooo unfriendly!! LOL xD then uh.. we went to Swee's house [not my idea, I wanted to go kbox] to record dono what shit thingy & we never got down to doing it at all. I think that's one thing Swee has to improve on, keeping her promises. Just like how I have to work on keeping my promises too.
Then uh.. we watched the Little Nyonya at her house, then got sent home by her Mum.

Got up in the afternoon :D then went to Hub to buy my cny clothes but we couldn't find it anymore. Then we went to eat at NY [NICE~] & then walked to Jubilee to buy my christmas cards. I don't know how long it's been since Sapph & I sat at the .. you know amk central, then there's this centre part for people to play at. Yeah, we used to go there when we were young. I think it's been what, maybe 10 years since we've sat there. Hahaha :)
THEN WE WENT TO KBOX AFTER THAT, LOL. DAMN MAD LA. It was like an impromptu thing, so we went & stayed there till it closed, which was 2am in the morning. & THEN I GOT CHERYL'S MSG REMINDING ME THAT THERE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A MEETING THE NEXT DAY, LOL. It was so retarded, I was like, aiya heck la, go home don't have to sleep alr. Hahahha :) kbox was fun~~ wahahaha :D
& YVETTE FLEW OFF TO HONGKONG :D & I er, forgot to sms her Bon Voyage & stuff, hahaha :)

Went for the stupid sharing thing. It was RETARDED. We didn't even share much, noone dared to talk & stuff. Then we had the ld rehearsal, & since Raeann didn't come, Cathleen just conveniently slotted me into Raeann's role. I AM STILL RELUCTANT , CATHLEEN. Rah. Then yeah, rehearsal didn't go very well too.. Everyone was like very lethargic & stuff.. So after the whole rehearsal .. we had to go clean up the thing. Okay we kinda volunteered cus I was like uh, not nice to refuse them, so I went. It was FREAKING TIRING. There were like only Shu, Sharon, Tricia, Heidi & Cathleen. Then Mok & I went to help & we got most of it done. Gawd =.="

Friday :
Nothing happened as far as my memory can recall. I was just rotting at home :D OH, I CALLED THEM TO SEE IF THEY CAN GO TO ESCAPE TMR, HAHAHAHA :) & Yup! Cheryl & Swee are going. Stupid Yvette's in Hongkong =/ even if she was in Singapore, she probably wouldn't go. LOL.

Monday [Today] :
WATCHING FULLHOUSE! IT'S SOOOO NICE! Was on Webcam with Sha just now, so funny! We were talking like REALLY slowly cus otherwise it'd crack & stuff, hahahaha :) ESCAPE TMR~!! KINDA EXCITED even though I've been there quite alot of times, lol. & guess what, 8th anniversary, we only have to pay $8.80 :D heh heh, cheapcheap! :D

OKAY~ BACK TO WATCHING FULLHOUSE~ I'm giving up my run today to watch Fullhouse, I feel kinda guilty =x but heck la. I need to hurry & watch finish cus Mysoju loads so slowly & SCHOOL IS STARTING! DAMN.


Yihui <3

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