2008-12-17, 2:17 p.m.

Oops was too tired to post yday :D or rather, I was so engrossed in watching FullHouse, I forgot to post xD

So yday I woke up at like 530 IN THE MORNING, to watch my FullHouse :D It's soooo nice!! Okay yeah anyway, CHERYL ANNE LIM WAS LATE. By like ten minutes. Well, I got a lift from Mama, otherwise I'd be late too xD so anyway, we headed to Newton & cabbed to Escape. Then queued to get in cus it wasn't open & stuff. Freaking Inverter & Rainbow weren't open T.T so yeah anyway, we went for Go-Kart first, cus I figured if we didn't go there & then, we'd probably have to queue for another half an hour or so in the afternoon, so we went for that first. Queued for less than 20mins , I think , & we went for it alr. Complacency really doesn't get you anywhere, I thought I was like the pro & what not, so I didn't brake at all & went on full accelerator. I drifted wrongly & ended up being unable to reverse. But anyway, I still overtook Swee & Cheryl, LOL. & I told them to knock into me so that I can reverse without having the trainer come to me, but they kinda just looked at me & drove off. Makes me wonder if they wanted to help me but couldn't. Makes me wonder if I'd have knocked into them if they were the ones who didn't drift properly.

Bah, then uh.. can't really remember what we went for, but Viking wasn't ready yet, so we OH, went for that Family Coaster thingy, the thing which keeps jerking here & there. Bahhh. Then went for all the rides except for that water boat thing which squirts water & ferris wheel. OHYEAH. Omg, Cheryl & I went for the Haunted House [It's really abit scarier now] & I am so not going in there with her ever again. She's scared, but she doesn't want to get out of the Haunted House. I was going to scream Fk inside, but I figured it wasn't a good time. I was really really Really annoyed. I hope I managed to hide it somehow. Swee didn't come in cus she was scared. Cheryl should have stayed out if she was scared too, ugh, I hate people who goes in & don't dare to move an inch. Plus I have night-blindness, so it's a bit difficult to see where I'm going, so people usually stand in front of me. Lol. & Cheryl screams on whatever she goes on. Viking, W&W, whatever. Swee also, but not so bad. Gawd, I should NEVER have proposed going to Escape with them. Especially Cheryl Anne Lim, =.=

W&W is always the best to me :D I love the speed at which we go down & water coming onto us. It's so thrilling. We went on it about.. six or seven times, but Sha & I went on on it for at least ten times, I think. Hahahha :)

& OH, I SAW. BLANDINA!! & that chubby p6. I forgot her name, was going to ask her about her school next year. Think she's coming back to sn though, lol.
Had a good talk with Blandina in the bus & at the busstop. She's going to Genting today, have fun!! :D but yeah, she changed so much! I believe it's for the better though :D I won't forget how nice she was to me in p6 man, sticking by me like that. Makes me wonder what I've done to deserve people like her to be my friends :)

OH. Speaking of that, when I got home, I received 2 letters! I know one was from Cheryl, but I completely forgot Kim asked me for my add last week! & it turns out it wasn't a letter, IT WAS PHOTOS~! OF LOLLIPOP!! I was so damn excited. She wrote this highly illegible letter too, which I managed to figure out somehow, hahaha! She kept emphasising the nice-ness of her, so I guess that was the gist of it xD THANKS KIM!! Oh, the photos was from Valerie too :D thanks man~! Even the wrapping paper was a page of Lollipop from one of Kim's magazines. I'm so thankful man, I never had photos of Lollipop :D:D & these are such nice ones, thanks!! Thanks Cheryl too, for that letter, you'll be getting yours soon :D

I need stamps. & more cards. LOL. I need to go & buy soon, but maybe not today, probably after tmr's PSL trng. HAVE TO GET UP AT 9. Gah :( I'll see who wants to go with me to Popular. Or maybe I'll go myself xD need to get Ner's christmas present too! I'm going to her house for her tiny fondue party on the 22nd xD super looking forward to it! Might be going to Yvette's chuch Christmas party thingy too, just for the heck of it. Okay, maybe the experience, lol. Sapph said go if you've never gone before / for the heck of it. Hahaha :D

OKAY~ need to start doing my homework >< I think I'll do SS first, then Chem. Then maybe Chinese tmr, cus it's abit slack-ish. Do Chinese after psl trng. Then Math last! :D

YAY! Okay, Tata everyone! Watch FullHouse if you can! It really lifts your spirits!! :)

Yihuihuihuihuihui <3

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