2008-12-18, 11:24 p.m.

YAY~ I think I made full use of today. Banzai :D

Went for the PSL briefing at like 9. Then we had to move chairs & what not. Then went back to comp lab, briefed by Mrs Ong, Ali etcetc. Then we got this sheet of paper too, telling us like, what to know for tmr. Lol.

& then after that, I went home. OH. Had lunch at Hub with Swee & Yvette. Went home after that, DID MY HOMEWORK! I finished Chem & SS! So now I'm only left with Math & Chinese xD heh heh! I shall finish them before Christmas! :D

Went for that Christmas party just now. Super fun. Got to know loads of people- Eunice, Joyce, Michelle, Kahfei, Jane, OH! & Janielle! Hehe :) Janielle & Grace were the emcees :D it was kinda fun, really. We played games at the beginning, this memory game thingy. Was pretty fun, then dinner. Then uh.. OH, sing songs & they told us the story about how Christmas came about, & surprisingly, the guys were really sporty. I was so surprised. I don't think I'll forget Danny's from gym, LOL. His muscles were kinda scary though, hahaha :)
Well, then at the end was obviously some sharing session, & Kahfei shared so much but I STILL DIDN'T CONVERT. I feel so damn bad la. That's why I hate going to such stuff. It's like, they put in so much effort, but then you don't like, you know, reciprocate by converting. Then very.. UGH. Anyway, I got a nice present in return :D this WinnieThePooh cup & a straw in it xD

& I finished watching Full House today! I love it, it's so damn sweet. Gonna start on that Rainie & Wilber show soon, SCHOOL IS STARTING! Gotta mug hard next year, so no more dramas! :(

Bleahhh, need to revise the questions again, otherwise I'll look at the parents blankly tmr.

Yihui <3

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