2008-12-22, 7:12 p.m.

I just came back from my run, & I watched Ner's cd. I regret it so much. I shouldn't have watched now. My tears actually fell while watching the video. & the song, 我们之间, I heard it so many times, but this time in her cd, I was imagining her singing this song to us. Omg la. The end, it said : A present which is not a present, but memories :) GOSH. Who can take that. Omg. I started crying for some weird reason. & at first I thought the song was some God song , you know, as in some song talking about God. I never expected it to be 我们之间. Omg. AHH!

Okay so a recount of today :
Went to Ner's house to eat lunch xD FOOD WAS DAMN GOOD. Then talked talked talked, & then went down to the playground. Swing swing swing, went back again, ATE THE FONDUE xD felt like a pig. We had like second servings of fuits xDxD so paiseh la. Ya then we all left her house cus NER HAD TO GO MEET HER CHURCH FRIENDS AT PS. For Twilight, so we got out of the house also. Then we bussed & mrted together, until Juan & I went off at Bishan. Went to the service centre, waited for 20mins -.- , handed them my phone, & then we went to walk & shopshop. WALKED FOR LIKE ONE HOUR YOU KNOW, AT J8, found nothing for NY. Wth la -.-""! Okay I did find something, but it was like 50bucks, LOL. & I didn't bring my allowance, so i only had like 40plus on me :(:( might go back & buy~ xD

YAY~ CHRISTMAS IS IN ANOTHER.. 3 DAYS! & I have christmas cards not sent yet =x I'm so sorry it'll be late, but better late than never xD

YAY~ Back to watching HunterxHunter, then go bathe, & THEN SLEEP! Might go out tmr.. xD

Yihui <3

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