2009-01-10, 3:49 p.m.

OKAY I'M BACK FROM CAMP!! YO~~ :D Omg la, never knew camp could be so fun. Can't even remember when my last camp was. Muahahha :D

Okay loads to tell, Day 1 :
Went to school but headed down to the 1G classroom soon. Went to forum for the briefing & then we had to do our class cheers. So we found a nice corner with the permanently inked ELDDS on the floor & started coming up with original cheers to get them high. But it was super dead. Like, seriously. The response was "... oleh oleh ah ah..." -.- can you imagine. & I thought we were the worst alr, but it turned out that Tricia's class had ZERO response. Omg so scary la, it's like total silence after they lead. LOL. & I remember Rachel shouting "WWWWWWOOOOOOHHH" at the end of the cheer all by herself. Damn brave. Potential Leader. & she totally made our day, Christine, Letian, Brenda & I were so damn happy that SOMEONE reacted with ENTHUSIASM. LOL! Never knew how easy it was to bring joy to someone xD

Then after that was.. OH. Recess. 20mins long recess. Then after recess, we went to the basketball court to play duck duck goose. AND THEY KEPT BULLYING ME LA, GOSH. "DUCK DUCK DUCK DUCK DUCK DUCK DUCK DUCK DUCK... GOOSE!" at me -.-!

Well we finished up our class cheers after that, hahaha :) then we went for the Heroes game! Omg it was super damn fun. It was the, every station master, then need to do what they ask you to do / what the game is all about. & Shirlene's group won, haha :D

By the time we were done, it was time for everyone to bom bom cus we were all so tired & sticky! But PSLS DIDN'T BATHE. We bathed after they slept :( so yeah anyway, after the bath, they had their dinner & after that was CAMPFIRE! OMG LA, THE WAY THEY SET FIRE TO THE WOOD WAS SO DAMN COOOL!! They had a rope attached from the wood to the highest point of the Gym, then let it slide down like Flying Fox. Superman cool.

Camp was. Omg. Ultra high. Tricia & I kept going "U & I, ON!" damn funny. & everyone else kinda didn't get it, so we were like kinda embarrassing ourselves by doing it so loudly xD

Aiya whatever la, anyway!! Supper was tangyuan! I ATE LIKE 40 OVER BALLS OF TANGYUAN, omg -.- damn shitty. Cus all of them didn't want to eat, so I had to eat for them. Wasn't that bad la.

Then after that was tucking them into sleep, & then US GOING TO BATHE. I bathed at like 1230. LOL. At the gym there, got shower de xD considered high tech alr, even though there wasn't a heater, haha :)

Day 2 [after 12am] :
My Baby & I were switching to lean on each other's shoulders & laps! It was damnnnn cute :) then finally at like 4plus [IN THE MORNING]. I couldn't take it & started falling asleep on her shoulders. Then she said cannot, & loaned me her legs to sleep on, haha :) damn sweet of her la <3
After that she couldn't walk though =x I'm so sorrrrry ><

Then got up at like 5 after sleeping at 4 -.- & Baby's whole leg was numbed la. I was sooooo paiseh >< like wth I shouldn't have slept on her. I was thinking about this issue like all the way after taking the key, opening the class, washing up & so on. I JUST KEPT ON THINKING WHY THE HELL DID I SAY 'OKAY, I'd sleep.' -.- shouldn't have done that in the first place! :(

Then uh.. Oh. Breakfast, lol. Vico & burger! Not too bad, not too good. Tricia couldn't stand the smell & puked like in less than 10mins before the food arrived, lol. But she was okay after that, so I guess it was good.

Headed down to mpr2 for rehearsal & makeup. BUT I WENT THERE TO SLEEP. LOL. Then I went to the toilet to sleep. Omg la. I was feeling that sleepy, I don't know why :( then apparently LeTian was also sleeping at every single station when she was leading the class with Brenda, LOL. Damn funny. The performances were good, & FAT MARIE CAME BACK! With a bit of present, I guess she still has a conscience xDxD thanks Marie! Missed you <3 Happy Nj-ing!

Then I occasionally went around to disturb my class xD but I always ended up meeting Faith, LOL. I dono why, so weird. Then Baby said we were fated, ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni (: hahaha! That's something like what she typed. Hahahah :D

AFTER THAT WAS. DEBRIEF, I think! YES! Oh, you know before that, Shirlene went to the Netball station & then koped this GK bip for me xD thanks!! :)

The moment MissChan started talking, my head was drooping, drooping, drooped. & I didn't even realise it. I guess that's how tired I was. Lol. But I think Baby was more tired. I really didn't think what she was doing when I was sleeping. Just stone? -.-" apparently she fell asleep at the viewing gallery just now, gosh. I'm so worried about her ><

OKAY & FINALLY. CAMP WAS OVER. YES! Went back to class to dismiss them & we recited our LAST CHEER WITHOUT US PSLS LEADING! GOODJOB ONEGRACE! YOU GUYS ROCK TTM! Though sometimes you get realllly annoying xD

Well, actually I just wanted to say that I'm like really happy I came for this camp. I was thinking, you know, quite a no. of times, if I came in sec1, I'd probably have hated the camp. But cus I had Baby, Cheryl, Yvette, Tricia, LeTian & these people around me, this camp has been extremely fun :) this camp was made fun, because they were by my side to make it fun :) I'll never forget it even if they were to forget it. This camp was awesome <33

Okay yes,
lets sleep!
We needs loads of sleep! I think I'll get up at 6 or something to bathe! :D


Yihui <3

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