2009-01-11, 12:21 p.m.

OKAY HELLO EVERYONE :) I know I posted yday, but I won't be coming online today anymore, so I thought I'd better post this right now xD

I remember saying that I'd wake up at 6 or something to bathe, but I slept all the way until 4 -.-! 4 in the morning, I meant. LOL. Like 12h, then I got so freaked out cus I didn't get up to bathe, brush teeth, & do alot of other other things. Then I checked my phone but couldn't bring myself to reply anything. I was like so freaked / grossed out with myself, I didn't even think & took my toothbrush to go to the toilet. Brushed halfway, I think the light woke my mum up, & she went on & on about her credit card & kept on asking me if I cancelled it. I was so annoyed I didn't even answer properly & she ended with something like "Aiya if people wanted to use, they'd used it alr la." in a very irritated tone. I was so *Whatever, rolls* lol.

Then I went back to sleep, but I smsed Baby first, lol. Then I got up at like 5, I dono why, checked phone again, she replied saying something like "I JUST GOT UP, CRAPNESS." Hahaha! Then I dono what I replied & went back to sleep again. Woke up again at 7plus to check smses, replied. Then woke up at 9 to reply smses. Then I really got up. So if you think about it, I only slept for.. 17h. LOL. Same as Baby :) Shirlene smsed like something "You slept for so many hours alr, still not enough?!" hahaha!

& I really think I love this camp cus I have my friends :D I love all of them so much :):) esp Baby :D even Sapph won't let me sleep on her for 1h la xD I think my Baby's awesome <3 Cheryl & Yvette, for asking me to join them as a psl. Lol :) thanks guys, honestly :D otherwise I'd never have gone for the prep & stuff, which means not getting to know Baby, Letian, Christine, Brenda, Tricia, Xinling etc. Gosh, I have loads of people to thank :)
But I just wanted to say I'm really thankful :) to have them around me! :D or else this camp would have been really dead for me :)

& I don't think I can go & support track later. Wth >< loads of homework to do. & to catch up on. I'm so awfully sorry Baby >< I feel so shitty. I told her I'd go but now I can't :(:( but in any case, just do your ultra ultra best, yup? I'll be praying very very very very hard for you. Hopefully, you won't injure yourself today >< jiayou Baby <33

Okay I have to go and bathe! From 9 until now, I said I was going to bathe but I haven't bathed yet, lol. OKAY I'M REALLY GOING TO BATHE NOW :D



Yihui <3

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