2009-01-22, 11:22 p.m.

FINALLY. CNY. GOSH. BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR IT :D But then Baby will miss me like crap. My Honey & Lyns too :D

Today was. Damn crap. Math test totally took away half my life. I left the 7-mark question blank. LOL. Sighs >< & ld today was abit crappy. We're going to go through this 16-week playwrighting thingy cus it's considered drama & it's supposed to benefit us greatly. Well I must say Katerina's much more interesting than Richard Lord, lol. & I happened to see netballers train. WTH SO COOL CAN! They changed cca days, so theirs is Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Or something like that. Haha, I remember Shirlene telling me something like that =x

Anw. After ld. I went to Fam Lounge to look for Baby, but she was sitting with Ner at the tiny, round, holey table, so I planted myself at the long rectangular table. & started doing my Math. Then Mok came, so she just sat herself with me. Then we started doing Math, then Heidi came (WITH DINOS), then Cleo came. Then all went away. Then Ner & Baby left, so left Mok & I. Then we do do do, & before we knew it! It was 730. Then Mrs Hum came to sit with us :D she's damn funny. Then we talked for AN HOUR. Can you imagine, omg -.- & I WAS AT MY LAST QUESTION ALR. So it was like. I did my last question at 830. Hahaha! & we were like the only sec students left. Hahaha! SO yeah, this was what I did today, hahaha :)

& OH, I did duty today at the hall. CUS OF SHAOXUAN. She whole day tell me "Assembly stand at my class there kay? Then I won't feel so bored & I can go toilet." -.-!! I'm like her convenience councillor -.- & she's going to Taiwan for cny!! Wth! :( jealous like mad. I'm like dying to go Taiwan but they want to see flowers every year, so we end up going to Europe :( & XUAN, YOU'D BETTER GET ME SOMETHING FROM THERE. HHAHA :D THANKS. IT CAN BE FOOD, YA :)

Okay I need to. Brush teeth. Pack. Sleep. My eyes are closing alr. Baby super sad cus of today & cus she won't be seeing me for so many days. I swear,
I'm more sad than her. I'm going to miss seeing EVERYONE. Sigh :(


Yihui <3

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