2009-02-06, 10:49 p.m.

Omg feels so like I haven't posted in such a long time. So many things've happened, I've lost track of time ><

I was nearly late for school today. & if she didn't call me at 705, I'd probably be super late or something. My lessons were screwed. Didn't understand Math at all >< I screwed my history test yday [dieeee ><] & everything just seems to be coming down without any space to Breathe. Maybe cus of the badge, maybe cus of the tie. Then ganjie's always feeling down or something but I can never do anything. In fact, I always seem to make it worse. Always. Plus how I stay behind in school with people makes me unable to complete much work, so I always have to bring it home to do while wasting those time in school. Freak :(:(:(

Today was damn fun though. I was so super entertained. Went to the forum to look for Xuan & May after Baby left my class. Then I was looking from the extension block while smsing her, but she couldn't spot me :D I was so amused. Okay then I went to look for them, then we moved from there to here, from here to there, & finally we went to sit at the canteen to do work until they had to do their mtp thingy. Then that stupid Xuan ar, go take my phone and LOOK AT MY PHOTOS. Tsk, I was damn stupid. Didn't think of it. So I took her phone & looked at her photos, while hinting that I'd read her msgs [jokingly], & she said huh read lor, got nothing one. So I really read her msgs, & then she started getting all panicky & wanted her phone back from me. Where got like that one laaa :( then I returned it to her in the end, then emo-ed by myself cus all the other Sec2s were there alr. Then they had their shitty dinner without their veg [I ate it for them -.-"] & they wanted to throw away half the packet. I was like NO, I eat, then I took it from them. So I took Xuan's & Shiyu's cus May threw hers away >< so wasted la. Then I ate like alot of Shiyu's cus it was uh, edible [lol] but threw it away when I ate this uncooked part -.-" couldn't eat Xuan's cus it was sooo spicyyyy :( so I threw it away without eating much. Equally wasteful ><

Then they went off for duty. Then Ker Rui & Shirlene came. PLus Baby, hahaha :) then I went to kacau Shiyu & Xuan for awhile, then went back to do work. THEN AR, THEY GOOD. AT LEAST SHIYU CAME TO SAY BYE TO ME :):) THE STUPID SHAOXUAN AND MAY JUST WALKED OFF BY THEMSELVES WITHOUT SAYING BYEEEEE TO MEEEEEE. :(:(:( DAMN SAD LA. & XUAN SCRATCHED ME TODAY. Wahpiang, got mark, but not pain AT ALL. Hahaha :D so cool la. Got scratch mark but not pain =x

Ohman, I have mountains of work to do. I have chem to study for. I have SS info to find out. WHERE AM I GOING TO CREATE THE TIME ><

Hopefully, I can. & I will. Harvard University is maybe, 22 hours from Singapore. It's many many years later for me. Lol.

Not sleeping tonight, hope I can tahan. Tmr's talk is at 9. I think I'll go to school at 6 or 7. Just to prevent me from lying on the bed to sleep.

Yihui ^^

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