2009-03-18, 8:33 p.m.

Omg today was so very very very very fun! :) 031809 <3

Okay anw, I woke up at. 845 today. Or 9. Somewhere there la, then I went to Macs to meet them, but actually I went there to meet Shirlyn first cus that Pig Rui wasn't there yet, so she told me to hurry up to meet Shirlyn cus Shirlyn was alone. So yep, I went then we started on Math, & SHIRLYN IS EXTREMELY IDIOTIC. LOL. I CAN TEACH HER THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN FOR LIKE 5 TIMES, & WHEN I GIVE HER AN ACTUAL SUM TO DO, SHE STILL CAN GET IT WRONG. Omg la -.- but yes, nevertheless, I see my shadow in Shirlyn. No matter how hard we work, it just never gets to us. & Rui is the exact opposite, just hearing it once is enough. Exactly like Sapph. When I saw it, I was thinking if Shirlyn'll hate Rui one day, just like how I did with Sapph. But ohweel, they're still far from that stage :) hahaha :D

ANW. THEY WERE LATE. HAHAH, that two kids. They started eating at like 10, & they really took their own sweet time to eat. Then Rui passed me my box of oreos :):) happpppy :D ya then they half ran - half walked to school, BUT THEY WERE STILL LATE. So yep, five rounds I think? But it's nothing to them la -.-

Then after that. OH. I bought Macs breakfast home. For Sapph & myself. But she was still fast asleep. SHE ONLY WOKE UP WHEN I CAME BACK FROM SCHOOL, WHICH WAS AT LIKE 2. That pig, -.- Oh, then yep. I went back to school after that. At around 1130 after their trng, then I went to shoot by myself. OMG I love the feeling of standing in the court under the scorching sun, but the only thing missing was a team, lol :/

So yeah anw, I went back to the fam lounge after an hour? Or half hour, then something happened between Mok & Heidi [as usual], so I went to pei Mok to play. But we gave up in less than 10 minutes. LOL. The sun was getting stronger and stronger, so yep, we satisfied ourselves by just sitting in the shade, looking at the court, HAHAH :D & really sweat alotttttt, the both of us.

Then after that. I went home. Then that Sapph woke up, & we had lunch together [o.o rare]. Then I went to the hospital & Dr Wee was in a good mood? Lol, not complaining, & yep, it was pretty fast :) didn't have to wait for long. & I LOVEEEEEEEE MY MUM'S NEW CAR. IT'S SO COMFORTABLE xD GOOD CHOICE, MUMMY! :D

Then. ANW. I went straight to the cc & waited BY MYSELF. So lonely =x cus Ner & Mok didn't come yet. Then I saw Shirlyn entering Macs, so I smsed & said something like "Can you two come now, lol." & she said they were EATING. HAHHA =x turns out that they were eating instant noodles -.- from 7-11. Lol, then we started playing!

SWEAT LIKE MAD, the two of them are mad. Ugh, they played against each other & the three of us were like "Omgwtf -.- how to play with you two." THEY WERE SERIOUSLYYYY GOOD. Like, pro. Omg la. Stupid Shirlyn, still say she very noob & lousy. She's like. HER STAMINA IS DISGUSTING. She played with like us [after Rui left] non-stop & SHE DIDN'T EVEN FEEL TIRED. SO GROSSSSS LA. Omg -.- but yes, it was a good experience. & really sweat alot -.- my entire pe shirt was wet. So gross. But it was ultra funnn :)

Rui had to leave at like. 5 though, to go home first to prepare for the appointment with the sensei xD she looked really pissed or something. Mok suggested Emo / Angry. O.o I wouldn't know, Rui keeps everything to herself :/

Then yep, we left at around 530. Went to the tauhuay shop. Then, here comes the joke of the century :

Me : Eh, yknow Xiangying eats in class.

Shirlyn : Huh cannot eat in class meh?

Me : Ya obviously cannot la.

Shirlyn : Huh but I eat in class.

Me : It's different, Xiangying's a councillor.

Shirlyn : *Thinks a little* But I'm a future councillor.


Like, she didn't even say that "I'm going to be a future councillor." She just said "I'M A FUTURE COUNCILLOR." LOL. Omg, I don't think the effects are the same, but the way Shirlyn said it was so hilarious! Plus, she said it with a straight face, as if it was a fact, which made it even funnier :):) Shirlyn POH FTW xD

Yep. Talked talked talked, then went to the bakua shop to buy drinks / snacks. & I bought like 30 packs of rubbish. LOL. Like really really rubbish. All the junks :D heeee.
Went home after that without buying dinner from Macs cus I ran out of money, so I had to endure the disgusting dinner which Sapph agrees with & that I should've given up the snacks & bought the dinner. Hahhah :)

Okay end of today. Hahaha, it's my best day in the hols :) though I went out with the Cyys on Monday, but we just kbox-ed & did the usual stuff, nothing special :)

I really love Rui & Shirlyn :) they're awesomeeee sec1s. & NERISSATIONG, I LOVE YOU TOO :) you're my best partner :D Mokkkkkk <3 Hahaha :) for volunteering to be my rubbish bin on Monday? Hahahah :)

I haven't been doing work at all! I need to finish my lit piece tonight, at the very least. Then, tmr don't come on, switch off phone [If I'm staying at home] but I think i'm going to school o.o so yep, see first :)

AHHHHHHH. School's starting soon. Term 2. Soooo fast :/

Kay, it'll get more depressing as I post. Don't want to ruin my most awesome day. Hee, I'll post another day! Soon! :)

Takecare everyone, don't fall ill! School's starting, take it easy! :D


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