2009-03-28, 12:54 a.m.

Okay, confused, confused, confused.

Today was Mtp, & ushering duty was pretty exhausting :/ but ohwell, we all get used to it somehow, lol.

Going to Malaysia tmr morning. Actually, it should be this morning, hahah :) Mummy said wake up at 6, then leave by dono what time, lol. Ahhh ): the amount of work is gross. ): I really feel like slacking again. No mood to do, damn tired today :/

Anw, Denise was just telling me how she smsed Lihmaan to say that she was sorry for ignoring her accidentally & though it was retarded, she felt better doing it. & I was thinking "Why are you telling me this." Mean, but yes, it sucks to admit that that was my first thought.

I think I'm a very selfish person. Inconsiderate would be an apt adjective as well. I want to isolate myself in my own world, yet I don't wish for others to isolate me. Does this mean I want attention? But I know that this doesn't evoke empathy; it only heightens the annoyance and impatience people have for me. & I don't want that. I'd never want that. But in my world, there seems to be only : I, Me, Myself. This sucks, lol.

Okay, I feel like sleeping alr. My eyes are shutting. Looks like Mtp really drained out alot of my energy, lol :/ shall post again when I'm there.

Hahaha, && Mok broke down today ): I hope she's feeling better after crying some of it out! (: it's not good to keep it within, so find somewhere to deposit your secrets yep? (:

Okay. Bedtime. Feeling freaking exhausted ): Have to wake up at 6 tmr. How different is it from a normal school day -.-

Rah. Nightssss (:

Yihui <3

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