2009-04-18, 7:26 p.m.

Wheeeeee! I just had to post again! Today has been such a perfect day! (:

Nothing to distract me from thinking about where to go during the hols while having lunch with my family. It was a niceeee lunch (: full of joy, peace & laughter. Though they did mention about the kidnapping cases. We're probably not going in to Bukit for awhile cus of the kidnapping cases & we're targets, apparently. Esp the kids, so my mum said we're not going in for awhile. I asked my sis "Are we very rich? So-so what." Then she said "Even your friends think that you're rich." Lol, which made sense -.-

Went to the Travel Fiesta 2009 just now. Finally FINALLY decided on where to go and what to do. Did the bookings there & then. It felt so real. Sapph said "It really feels like we're going now, right?" So it's been decided, departing on the 30th May, 8.20am, Terminal dono-what yet. Heeee :D it's still quite a long time, but ohwell, time flies & before we know it, it'll be June :D
Plus, I think it's spring there now? HOT ): I was hoping for New Zealand for winter, but looks like we're stuck at Hokkaido for spring now ): but ohwell! FOOOOOOOOOD :D JAPAN HAS NICE FOOOOD! (:

& what's more awesome, the London trip is SET. Daddy's converted currency alr, apparently :P we're so definitely going in September!! :D:D:D

Anw, talked to Sapph about going overseas the year after. After I finish my Os & after she finishes her course. Maybe we'll be going overseas together. I sooooo hope we do ): if really too ex [cus my family'll still be Europe-ing], then maybe we'll settle for Australia. But on second thoughts, if they do frequent Europe, then they should just send us to London & let us study there for a year or two :P wheeeee :D:D

What else.. Yep that was about it. Nothing much other than that (:

On a random note, *actually it's what Kerrui WONDERED ABOUT today*, I would like to list my VIPs :

1. Sherms
2. Ner
3. Juan
4. Girlgirl
5. Cheok
6. Lihmaan
7. Cheryl
8. Yvette
9. Swee
10. Kerrui
11. Shirlyn
12. Daphne
13. Elisa

Yep that's it. What a short list. But whatever, as I've always said, I don't need the whole world to like me (: I just need these few to love me ^^

Okay, done! I need to mug after dinner-ing ): shall do abit of research on Hokkaido tooo :D:D stupid Denise. The moment I said I was going to Hokkaido, she wanted souvenirs. Gross -.-"


ME! :D:D

Yihui luh :P

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