2009-04-18, 11:16 a.m.

Yday was the one of my less fortunate days, whereby I had no work done & a spinning headache :/

It hurt from the morning till night & it didn't subside. Hurt like crap ): I was thinking of forgoing the Math test, but decided to do it anw. Thank god, cus it was so easy (: even with my headache, it was still a breeze ^^

After school. I met Vernice, lol. Went to her class to kacau her and her friend a little. Then I dragged her up with me to the staff room to get the duster and markers for the 'Find Your Way' Board & we went to do it together. I was intending to study in class after that when I realised that Band was using our classroom. So I packed & went to Fam Lounge, lol. Then Vernice & I talked, talked, talked, talked, talked, talked, talked, talked, talked, talked, talked, talked & finally I said I wanted to go & eat orange bowl. So we went down & she freaking got a freaking free drink. LOL. Then we continued talking after that. Kept on talking. It's like, woah. The convo doesn't stop at all & she jumps topic very quickly. Hahaha, super interesting to talk to her :D

After she left, I went back to the Fam Lounge [I sent her out]. Bella & Maan were leaving alr. She huggggged me! Was so happy :D then they left. Kerrui & Shirlyn were like slacking down there & Kerrui looked so angry ): I seriously thought she was angry la. Then I got fooled again. Sigh, that stupid little brat ): but ohwell, I was just glad that she wasn't pissed at me ^^

We walked out after that, after I teared on the phone with Sapph. CUS MY HEADACHE WAS SO PAINFUL I WANTED TO GO HOME TO SLEEP ): but since they were so nice, I decided to be nice too. We were supposed to go hub? But in the end we settled at Macs :P cus of meee :D:D:D *lazyyyy*

It was sooooo fun (: I love eating with the two of them. The way Shirlyn eats is so damn unglam & the way Kerrui sits is quite unglam also. It was so funny. Then Shirlyn had a stomach ache & went to the toilet, SITTING ON THE FLOOR. It was like the cubicle floor & how gross & infested with bacteria was it. Yucksss ): OHOHOH, & I was reading the Shopaholic book! After Bex got married with Luke. WHEEE :D damn nice! (:

Anw anw anw, yep that was about it. I came home & practised the 'Gee' dance, pespired a bit more, then went to bathe cus I couldn't take it [was still in blouse]. & then.. was on msn.. slacking, intended to start work at 1 when VERNICE CALLED. I was like shocked o.o / surprised. Then we talked for 58 minutes, omg -.-" hahahha we're so scary :P

Yday was quite stress-free? Cus of my headache, I suppose. Didn't really take note of any other thing ^^

WHEEEEEE :D This is such a happy post! :D:D:D HAHAH! But I'm going to feel super guilty today alsoooo ): going out for lunch later + travel fiesta which is going to take up the entire afternoon & I'm determined to sleep early tonight so that I can wake up early tmr to study ): mustmustmust. I must at least complete my 'Acids' notes by today & cover half the chapter for History. If there's time, I'll do my homework. Otherwise I'll leave my homework for tmr :D

I loveeeee yday ): I want it to come back. I want it in spite of my headache, in spite of the pain. Cus I really don't think there'll be another like this, sigh ):

OKAY! I should do some.. work? Try, at least :P

Seeya everyone, Mug hard! :D

Yihui <3

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