2009-04-25, 3:54 p.m.

Ohmygosh.. I just watched this video called "Draw with Me", & it was so sweet I cried :/ 2:54 minutes, but enough to move anyone.

At first I was reading the comments, & they were all saying "It's so sweet" etcetc, but I didn't really get the sweet part until the end. I was sort of tearing in the middle of the video alr, but the climax was at the end [I thought it was over when the music stopped, so I thought the climax was there]. This is what the video's about.

It's about this boy & this girl who're separated by an unbreakable glass. The boy shouts & yells, but the girl can't hear anything. So he took out two markers & wrote "Can you write?" and threw the other marker over the glass. She wrote "Of course duh." Then he asked "Can you draw?" with a picture & she drew a picture of herself saying "Yes". Just like that, they drew & drew, filling the glass up with their drawings. When night came, the boy put his hand to the glass, hinting the girl to put up hers. When they put their hands on the glass, he could feel nothing but the glass. He then wrote "It feels cold." & the girl looked sad. He subsequently wrote "I want to be with you." & the girl wrote "You are with me. Only there's a glass between us." The boy, furious, got up & started smashing the glass. He punched the glass with his left arm & he broke through, but the glass recovered & his arm was gone.
The very next day, he was sitting in front of the glass with his arm bandanged. The girl wrote "Are you okay?" & he nodded. She smiled & wrote "Wanna draw?" but he wrote with his right hand, saying "I can't anymore." in very crooked handwriting. [If you don't understand, it means that he's a left-hander.]
Days followed after that. The screen goes black & when it resumes, the boy is walking towards the glass with the girl on one side & a box on his. On top of the box, two words "For you" was written very neatly. He opened it & got a shock. The screen goes black again & when it resumes, it shows a girl's left arm.

Omg la. I watched it & I started crying. So sweeeeeeet :/ sigh sigh sigh. Whoever who came up with this video was damn good. Sighhh :/

Went out with Daddy just now to Novena & cabbed there. The fare was 8.20 I think. So the change was 1.80. I was surprised & asked him "I thought you told him to keep the change?" & he said "Your papa very giam one. A dollar & above, I won't tell them to keep the change." He paused and continued, saying "It depends on who it is la. For instance, if the fare is 9.50 & I pass him ten bucks & it's an old man, then aiya, just give it to him. But if it's a young man, give me back my fifty cents." & we both started laughing.

When we came home, the cabby asked us if we wanted to go straight or turn right. & my dad said "Actually, Ave 2's on your left." Then he went "Oh oh sorry!! I thought it was Ave 3." HAHHAA, so fine, we reached sn gates & the fare meter read 9.40. But when my dad passed him 10 bucks, he returned us one dollar. My dad was asking why he gave us a dollar when it was supposed to be sixty cents & the driver said "Cus I went the wrong way just now. It's okay it's okay, just take it." So we thanked him & got out & my daddy said "See, sometimes you give, sometimes you receive."

Which really set me thinking. Like, what have I given to people so far? What have I received in return so far? & I was like, thinking & thinking. I know I'm trying to give more now. I try not to be as calculative, try not to be as selfish, try to be as considerate as possible. & what have I received? All the many good things that I couldn't possibly wish for (: from the people around me, from the people whom I don't really know but I appreciate. Thanks so much (: what I've received is immeasurable, far from what I've given. & now that I think about it, I haven't exactly been giving much. I want to be the type of person who won't feel irritated when someone doesn't treat me the same way I treat them. I want to be the type of person who'll give infinitely [which is supposed to be impossible & I think it is -.-"] & not expect anything in return. I want to understand what it means by "Giving is always better than receiving." I want to be someone who can let go of hostility & be more forgiving. Afterall, there's no point in bearing grudges. You just make yourself more exhasuted.

Alright, shall post again soon. I know the posts now are very short, hahahah (: cus I need to do work now. Sighhh~ okay, take care peeps! :D

Muchloves from MEMEME :D
Yihui ♥♥

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