2009-06-10, 11:35 a.m.

Woots yes, HELLO (: I'm finally in the mood to blog. Okay not really, but since that awful incident two days ago, it's much better. Just pray that I won't do anything stupid again, rah.

But before that, WE WENT TO CHEOK'S HOUSE YDAY! Well, & to Ikea. We went to Ikea first to do a market survey & it was so funny. Sherms & I started laughing at something which I can't remember but it was reallly funny & we were laughing damn loudly. IN IKEA. Cus I settled myself in some corner with paper & pen & started doing all the calculations [Cost prices & profits], so they came to join me awhile later. We did really well, & FOR SOME REASON, I WAS THE ONE DOING THE CALCULATIONS. When my math is like, the most jialat -.- it was so ironic. Hahahha! So I was doing the workings, Sherms punched the calculator for me, Girlgirl was giving opinions & Cheok was in charge of digging up all the candles we found before taking pen & paper. Then it was so funny, cus Girlgirl kept saying she & Cheok tried to enter our convo about calculations, but apparently it was like impossible. There was like this invisible barrier which prevented them from coming in. Hahahha! Then Sherms & I were like "Math require lots of concentration!" It was so funny man. Finally we decided that after calculating everything, we shouldn't be discussing there. So we put everything back into their original positions & headed to the restaurant. BUT IT WAS SO FREAKING CROWDED CUS IT WAS LUNCH HOUR, we decided to go to her house & settle this first.

So we went to her house. & it was so freaking funny. Her room, no, HER HOUSE IS FULL OF DUST. It's as if it has been inhabited for like ten thousand years. Her room is like, gross ttm. It's dust everywhere. & then we decided to crash her wardrobe. It was so cool la! Her dresses & stuff, LOL. Then she went to change in her 'Office wear'. LOL, so we took this opportunity to fold her clothes for her. Since we crashed her wardrobe, lol.

After that, OH. It was like an hour had gone by alr, so we decided to go and eat. Supposed to eat at Ikea, but ended up eating at Anchorpoint. Lol. Guess what, KFC -.- cus I suggested it. Ended up spilling chilli sauce all over myself -.-! I was like "Omg wtf." & I was wearing the class shirt, so it was like chilli on white. My pants also tio. So I borrowed pe shirt & fbt from Cheok. Hahahha :D we bought cakes from Secret Recipe & Four Leaves too :D went to play at the playground after that. Spent like, more than half an hour there. Then we went back to Cheok's house after that. & after changing, I realised that the paper was missing. The one which had all our calculations on it. So we started hunting for it in the house, until Sherms said maybe you dropped it while walking back. So we went downstairs to find it & it was like, right in front of us. Hahahha xD but we ended up getting locked up outside, so we had to call Cheok. & then we pulled another prank on her. Hahahah! :D

So we went back to her room & started discussing. Closed the curtains for the room to be more cosy & ROMANTIC :D switched on the romantic light too! :P & then Girlgirl said her room was very condusive to discuss. Cus it's small & there's nothing else to play around with. LOL. It made sense but to Cheok it was like, LOL! Then right after Girlgirl said it was impossible to sidetrack, we were talking about our classmates. LOLLLLLLL. We talked for like AN HOUR. & it was so funny cus it was ironic that it happened right after she said it's hard to sidetrack. Hahahah!

Then we managed to get things done, called Cocoatrees, & decided on dates to go to their place. & then we started watching horny mvs. Strong Baby, I think, by Big Bang & Toxic. Hahahha! Went home after that. & omg, yesterday had got to be my.. embarrassing but not extremely embarrassing day. In the house right, when Cheok went to get water for us & was taking an extremely long time, I heard footsteps & I thought it'd definitely be her, so I was like "Yo Cheokz," & I was going to ask "What took you such a long time?" when it turned out to be the brother. Omg -.-! & he even said "If you want Cheok, she's in the kitchen." & Sherms & Girl were like cracking up like nuts la. I was like, omg -.-!! & then right, when we were on the way to sending Sherms & Girl to their tuition, we met Gwong outside the car cus he was walking SO down to Macs to have dinner & Sherms exclaimed "Omg, GERAINT WONG" damn loudly. & my car isn't exactly soundproof, so after she shouted that he looked in & he smiled. & our faces were like shocked + surprised + scared. Cus Sherms yelled damn loudly. Girlgirl covered her mouth with her hand & my jaw literally dropped. I was like -.-! Ohgod.

So yep, anw. Yday was damn fun (: & Cheok msged to say thanks to us for going to her house without her asking. For once, apparently. Hahahha! (: that was nice of her :D

Okay, it's been a long post. I'll post the Japan trip later, I guess o.o


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