2009-06-12, 10:29 a.m.

I had such a gooooood time yday! <3

Went to play badminton with them at 12. Was pretty fun (: went to eat tauhuay after that. Then Ner & Juan went to buy tuna puffs at Prima Deli & they weren't back even after Sherms & I were done with our chicken pies. Then I took my phone to check my msgs, & I heard "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Yihui.. Happy birthday to you!" & the chinese version, & the mix. It was super awesome! I was totally surprised. Cus I mean, this year was the first. Lol (: we're always holding surprises for Sherms & Juan & Ner, but never mine cus it's in the hols (: I'm so glad they remembered! :D Vmok & Joan were there too! Cus Ner & Juan didn't know how to use a lighter & they saw Mok at Macs, so they went to look for her. Hahhaha! It wasn't exactly a cake, it was an Eclair (: But whatever, it's the thought that counts! :D

Was super happy ^^ then went home, went to dl BOF osts! :D ended up late for my outing with Cheryl & Yvette. BUT VETTY WAS LATER THAN ME, MUAHAHA! Watched Dance, Subaru! & it was quite nice, I guess. Not extremely nice, but quite okay. & DBSK appeared! Omg! -.-! Yvette, Cheryl & I were like ?!?! Wheeeee :D after the movie, we walked. Talked. Ate. Walked more. Crapped abit more. Ate even more. LOL. At hub. Went home at 9plus. It was sooooo fun! :D had so much fun listening to Cheryl's stories of SLC :P && I'm going out soon! AGAIN, lol. So screwed >< keep going out, not a single piece of work is done. Ahh ): after today I'll have to start doing my work. Blah ): & Sunday's my birthday! I totally forgot about it. Hahah! OHOH, & Shirlene gave me this super cute Mickey cushion :D & Zoey gave me a netballl! <3 it's got to be the most special gift of all. Wheeeee :D I always wanted a netball of my own. But I wonder how much did it cost.. :/ netballs ain't cheap. O.o

OKAY~ Enough of blogging! Wanna see what else I can do! [On youtube, DUH!] & KIMBUM IS SUPERBLYYYYY HOT. There's something I agree with Swee on : Just looking at your idol will get you all cheered up. Ohgosh! :D

Kim Bum <33 Kim Joon <3 Hyun Joong <3 Min Ho <3

Wheee, F4 ftw :D

See you guys :D I still haven't posted about Japan, ahhh~

Kay, love you all! (:

Yihui ♥♥

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