2009-06-14, 9:07 p.m.

Hahahaha, I'm finally fifteen today ^^ Yep it's my fifteenth birthday & I spent it rotting at home. LOL. Was watching this detective drama the entire day. Decided not to do any work since it's my birthday! :D & I am finally in the mood to post about Hokkaido! (:

We spent the first day travelling, lol. Flew to Narita, then an hour coach to Haneda, & another domestic flight to Sapporo. Hotel - Apa :D

Day 2- Visited Asahi Beer Factory. Tried beer, tasted gross though it was clearly lighter. Nothing much. Proceeded to the Otaru & visited the Music Box Museum :) they put it as museum but actually, it's a shop. Full of musical boxes. I custom-made two there- one for myself & the other's a birthday present for Lihmaan :) didn't manage to go to the glass shop since we spent too much time at the Music box place :P OHYES, we went to the Chocolate factory as well! Which wasn't really like a chocolate factory. There was this performance thing [machines] outside & the surrounding area looks like a garden. Simply splendid :) the flowers & everything were in half-bloom, so it was pretty enough :) can't imagine what full bloom would be. Hehehe :D didn't buy the chocolates there cus Ogawa said we'd be visiting the discount shop on the fifth day, lol :) 5% gst off :D
Visited Mt Tengu after that. It wasn't as cold as I expected it to be. Could survive with just that light green jacket, lol. Scenery was lovely :)
Hotel - Apa.

Day 3- Furano? Don't remember going to that place. We visited the fish market but ended up buying shoes & overly-ripe rock melon. Hahaha! The shoes are super comfortable can. God I should've gotten that second pair when we went there! & it was only 30 sing! I was like AHHH CRAP ): was thinking if I should buy since I hardly ever go out. I wore it on Friday & it was really comfortable!! Man, I feel so sad now. Whenever I don't get something that I really like, I'll just remember that design for life & keep asking myself why didn't I get it. ESP WHEN THE PRICE WAS LIKE 30 BUCKS. AHHHH!
Anw, went to the cheese factory & their cheese cake was totally awesome. It practically melts in your mouth. Really delicious, good stuff. I destroyed Dad's though, so I went to buy him one more. & HE FREAKING DIDN'T EAT IT. It was like totally flattened by the time we went back to the hotel -.-!
Visited the Wine factory. AHHHH, this is in Furano. Okay now I remember. Went to see wine, but ended up buying their Ribena-like fruit juice. Heheh :D pure grape or something like that. Bought two bottles. Hahaha, & there was this mountain thing outside which you could take photos at. But we found a couple of insects dying on webs instead, lol.
Tomita farm was next, some Lavender farm again. I'm so sick of lavender. Australia was Lavender, Holland was Lavender, & now Hokkaido was semi-Lavender. Gosh -.- but we tried the ice cream there. Pretty good lavender ice cream; the Melbourne one was awful. Plus we ended up eating ice cream there almost everyday [didn't eat for one day]. OH, & that's where I got most of my souvenirs. For friends, lol :) I'm so apologetic towards Cheok & Girl; I made them share two clips in one box. Rahhh :/ should have gotten them one each. I ended up having extra money at the end of the trip.
Don't think we went anywhere else after that. The hotel we stayed at had beautiful scenery. Right outside the windows was mountains. It was soo beautiful. Plus, we slept on tatamis that night! :D so freaking comfortable. Mygod <3

Day 4- Visited Shiraoi Ainu Village to see how they survive. AS IN! Like, their way of life. Yup, =x performances & everything. There were like dried fish on top of the performance room. Apparently they preserve it when they have a good haul since they don't know when's the next, lol :D good idea.
Mt Showa after that, pictured pictured, then set off to visit Lake Toya. Superman cool, apparently it doesn't even freeze in winter even when temp drops drastically. Took pictures AGAINST SUNSET! LOL. So stupid la, Sapph kept making me jump & I was like a clown for everyone to laugh at -.-" I only know she did it on purpose after I jumped like 10 times -.-
Went to the hotel after that for dinner. Then went to admire fireworks. Super splendid :) it was so pretty. But it was freezing. Sapph & I literally curled up on the sofa when we returned to the room , hahaha :D Tatamis that night again! <3<3

Day 5- Went to Factory outlet & shopped for the entire day. Seriously 'shop till you drop'. Sapph bought this 200 bucks Diesel shoes which doesn't really look all that nice to me though I wonder when she'll wear it. It's like white & green, her colour? Don't think so.
I didn't buy anything. Bought ice cream only, hehe :D couldn't find any GAP Japan or Hokkaido I wanted, so I dropped it. Don't think we went anywhere else?
Hotel - Apa.

Day 6- WE FREAKING THOUGHT WE'D BE BOARDING THE PLANE BACK TO SINGAPORE. But there was like one more day. & we were like, stunned. LOL. Went to this place to shop. God knows where. Last three days were like shopping, shopping & more shopping. Took domestic flight back to Tokyo & spent one day shopping. Had Macs for lunch! They had this cool thing which Sg didn't have, so we had that. I think it was shrimp & .. pork? It wasn't chicken, in any case. But it was nice anw :D Went to the high-end labels like Burberry, Coach & who knows what else after that. Elina & I were like, so freaking bored. Her mum bought her stuff & my sis bought her stuff. We ended up camwhoring outside. LOL.
Sapph bought this Burberry bag which costs like 600 bucks sing. My aunt bought one which costs 400 bucks. Like, what the fuck? Sapph's seriously not even earning money yet.. & my parents don't care. They just let her spend. My aunt was trying to persuade me to buy this 300 bucks Burberry TINY bag, but I was like huh? No thanks. Gosh. Shopped & shopped abit more. OH, THAT NIGHT WAS. CRAB BUFFET. GOSH, IT WAS SO NICE. Okay not exactly, but it wasn't as bad as I thought! I ate quite a fair bit :D it was nice, red & hairy! :D
Saw Rainbow Bridge & Tokyo tower <3 when Sapph & I saw the Tokyo tower, we were like "We didn't see the Eiffel tower at night right?" & we were like it's okay! Go back to Paris when we grow up :D that's all we have to do. Hehehehhe :D
Hotel - Airport hotel.

Day 7- LAST DAY! Went to shop some more, LOL. At this shopping mall. We stood outside for like ten minutes before it opened. Bought MY stuff :D HardRock! <3 I seriously love overseas HardRock :D bought one top there & another top at another shop. Was trying to find flats there but didn't see anything I liked. Saw tons of heels that I fell in love with though. AH WHATEVER, stop thinking about it. There were like, what, seven shops in that mall selling shoes? LOL. Plus, in every shop, there'll be some corner selling shoes. Just a few pairs, but still, lol. Bought bubble tea too. 4.50 for this more-than-miserable cup. Which didn't taste all that wonderful. But now we know, DON'T BUY HOKKAIDO'S BUBBLE TEA.
I think we headed towards the Airport after that, lol. Yup, that was the end of it. Took photos with Renae, Sammi, Elina, Xinying, Peijun & Zanne :) Yay <3 this is the first tour whereby I meet so many kids :D yay! :D Though Peijun's not really a kid. She's older than Sapph, lol. & apparently I wasn't classified under a kid anymore ): I looked like 17 or 18, so I wasn't 小孩子 anymore. Sigh, but yup, that was it. Arrived at Sg at 1210am. Heheh :) Yay! :D

DONE POSTING. Finally :D Oh, & I wanna say thanks to those who wished me Happy Birthday today! :) In random order :

Angel #2 [who wished me on the 13th June xD], Zoey <3 [wished me at 11-ish on the 13th June :D], Verbs, Lihmaan <3, Chelsea, Mokster <3, Flower, Yongyi, Shirlene, Vetty <3, Cheryl Anne Lim <3, Priya, Sherms :), Girlgirl <3. Shirlyn wished me on msn & on her blog, so yup thanks :) Ner even called me! :) Thanks loads, love :) if Kerrui doesn't say Happy Birthday to me by tonight, she is so very screwed. She made me so worried, cus I told her I expected her msg at 0000, it can't even be at 0001. & she didn't. I was so afraid something happened, but looks like she just didn't bother to. Ohwell. :)

Yay, it's been quite an eventful birthday this year :) I'm quite glad, thanks everyone <3 love you all ^^

I'm signing off, thanks once again! :)

Yihui ♥♥

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